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Who doesn’t love the pure, rugged awesomeness of Classic Ford Broncos? At Velocity Restorations, you’ll find two of the biggest Bronco buffs in America, Stuart Wilson and Brandon Segers. Coincidentally, Stuart and Brandon are also the owners and operators here.

Velocity Restorations specializes in classic Ford Bronco, vintage truck, and classic car restorations of any magnitude. If you need a frame-off restoration, a unique customization, or a powertrain transplant, we’re your guys. Every project gets our personal touch, injecting our award-winning expertise into your restoration.
1968 Chevelle

Classic Muscle Car Restorations

We specialize in classic car restoration. Whether, its Ford Broncos, or Classic American Muscle Cars, We can restore them all.

1976 Classic Ford Bronco

Classic Ford Bronco Restorations

Our Ford Broncos Restorations won first place in the Southern Ford Mega Car Show for our attention to detail and artist skills.

Vintage Truck Restorations

There’s nothing like restoring vintage trucks. Our expert team is able to provide vintage truck restoration on even the oldest of trucks. 

Classic Ford Broncos or American Muscle – We Do It All

We won’t judge your choice of vehicles. After all, if you’re as passionate about your project vehicle as we are about early Ford Broncos, it’s worthy of our respect and our best efforts. If you’re a Chevy guy with a Camaro that needs attention, we’re up for the task. If your classic Ford Mustang needs rust repairs and a unique paint job, there’s no better place. 

There’s nothing quite like a vintage truck, fully restored and customized just the way you want it. It’s like a blank canvas and we get to be your Michelangelo (or Salvador Dali, if that’s your taste). We breathe new life into vintage trucks of all kinds.

Award-Winning Classic Ford Bronco Restorations

For over a decade, Velocity Restorations has made great things happen with classic Ford Bronco restorations. Check out our gallery of past projects and in-progress builds. That’s what your vehicle could look like with our professional touch. 

It’s because of our process at Velocity Restorations. You get the highest quality end results because it ever leaves our facility. Between two shops, we have more than 22,000 square feet of workspace and we’ve filled them with 22 of the best automotive experts we could find. 

Body repair, prep and paint, electrical, engine and drivetrain, suspension, glasswork and trim, even upholstery – it’s all done in-house for the absolute best quality your money can buy. And if you want your classic Ford Bronco restoration, muscle car, or vintage truck to have modern features never offered from the factory, we’ll make it happen. Prepare to be amazed. 

Let us restore your vehicle, or choose one from our current inventory for sale. Check out our in-progress builds to see what we can do for you. Then, contact Velocity Restorations with any questions or to discuss your project. Unlock your vehicle’s potential with Velocity Restorations!

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