1979 International Scout Front passenger

Scouting A Legend: Where To Buy The International Harvester Scout

There are few vehicles that have the immediate visual impact of the International Scout.    Built as a competitor to the Jeep CJ, International was looking to create a bare-bones vehicle that was at home on the ranch as it was whisking away a family to that far-off camping spot way off the beaten path….

Classic Ford Bronco emblem

The Best Ford Bronco Year | What Is The Difference

If you’re wondering what the best Classic Ford Bronco year is, then you’re already more than halfway to making a final decision! See, there are lots and lots of amazing classic vehicles available out there but few of them have the absolute presence of a classic Ford Bronco, and among classic or vintage vehicles, the…


Toyota Land Cruiser: A Legend Born To Roam

Take one look at the photo above, and you’ll see beautiful, yet rugged sweeping plains. Maybe, you see steep mountain peaks that are blanketed in shades of gray and white. Maybe you can smell the air, feel the nip of the chill on your skin. Like you’re there, and you’re ready to take on whatever…

Custom bronco

Restomod vs. Restoration: Living In The Past or The Past Relived?

Let’s just get this out of the way, right upfront. This blog is not about choosing what’s better or worse between a restomod and a full restoration. That would be like choosing between a glass of fine wine and a glass of fine champagne. No, this blog is about explaining the difference between these two distinctly…

Blue International Scout by Velocity

Restoring An Icon: What Are The Best Scout Years?

Take one good look at the tough-as-nails appearance of any of the International Harvester Scout or Travelall and you’ll see one of the most influential vehicles ever made. Why? It’s arguably the world’s first modern SUV!   When you look out at the sea of automobiles that crisscross America’s interstates and stand guard in suburban…

Blue Bronco In Mountains

A 10 Step Guide to Buying a Classic Bronco

In a world full of imitators, the classic Ford Bronco has retained its position as one of the most desirable vintage vehicles on the planet.    From its instantly recognizable silhouette to the iconic headlights and grill; a vintage Ford Bronco simply oozes grit, charm, and personality that seems to transcend generations of fans. In…


Why We Love Muscle Cars

You felt it in your bones. Looking back on the era of muscle cars, it’s all so very clear why muscle cars became one the biggest symbols of American freedom and individualism. Our country was drastically changing, becoming more encompassing, more dynamic, and more daring year after year. We were sending people to the moon,…