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1972 Classic Ford Bronco with Coyote Engine for Sale

This Classic Ford Bronco is another Velocity special, with a coat of blazing orange paint to get the attention of everyone you drive by, whether it’s the city or the trails, alone or with your whole family. Equipped with a Ford Factory Coyote Crate Engine, as well as Overdrive Transmission, you can take this build anywhere with style and power, neither sacrificing anything from the balance of the customizations.

Sitting lifted on 36” tires, the smoothness of the drive at higher speeds will feel incredibly modern while still maintaining the Classic look you know and love. Custom beach doors were built from factory steel doors, handcrafted specifically to fit this vehicle. The engine bay is clean, smooth, and organized while housing immense power. As you look into both the interior and exterior, the Velocity detail is clear to see throughout the entire build.

Learn More About this 1972 Classic Ford Bronco with Coyote Engine

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