1976 Classic Ford Bronco

1976 Classic ford bronco - $199,900

1976 Classic Ford Bronco front

1976 Classic Ford Bronco for Sale

This 1976 Classic Ford Bronco is truly custom build, this 1976 Classic Ford Bronco has been completely gutted and restored. You will not find another ride on the road like this one. Every characteristic in this classic Bronco was handpicked and custom fit by Velocity Restorations before final assembly at our shop.

Literally from the ground up, this classic ford bronco is in a class of its own. We do not farm out any part of the restoration process to other companies. Our facility is more than 18,000 square feet, and we have 14 employees who do 100 percent of the work in house. Our quality-controlled environment guarantees the personalization that Velocity Restorations promises. We regulate and oversee the complete project from beginning to end — no exceptions!

Details of this Early Ford Bronco for Sale

On this vintage 1976 model, you will find a custom 2016 Coyote engine hand fitted with our own billet aluminum pulley and accessory system. This system is the only one on the market and is offered exclusively by Velocity Restorations. We do not just buy parts and put them on a vehicle. This structure allows us to fully customize and design the build to the customer’s wants and expectations. Nothing is too wild or complicated for our system to do.

For example, our shocks on this 1976 Classic Ford Bronco is custom valved for the weight of the truck, the consumer’s use of the vehicle and the ride height. Other shops might use the cheap stock shocks and sell you a $150,000 Bronco, but not us. We pay attention to the little things, not just the overall look of a vehicle.

That’s what sets Velocity Restorations apart from our competition. Our attention to detail is second to none. You will see no flaws in our work, and if something is not up to par with your standards, we will correct it on the spot! We want to understand your vision to the fullest and make your dreams come to life. At Velocity Restorations, your desires are our No. 1 priority.

Just look at the stitching on the interior of this classic beauty: all original material and personally fitted for a smooth ride over any terrain. These seats are comfortable, stylish and most importantly, functional. And don’t forget about the paint job.

This shiny sky blue ’76 Bronco will turn heads from a distance and have onlookers doing a double take at its finish and artistry. The allure of this fully restored classic Bronco will have even the novice car buffs talking.

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