1976 Classic ford bronco Restomod

1976 Classic Ford Bronco for Sale

1976 Classic Ford Bronco for Sale

As a ground-up resto, it’s broken down to nothing at all. This 1976 Classic Ford Bronco has been built on one of our custom tubs with no flaws whatsoever. The chassis is then fitted with the heart and soul of this build, a 2016 Ford 5.0-liter Coyote engine including our exclusive Velocity Restorations billet aluminum pulley and accessory system. Putting the power to the road is a rock-solid 4WD system, taking this classic Ford Bronco into a whole new stable of off-road capability.

The 1976 Classic Ford Bronco gets its grip form 35-inch BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A’s mounted on some billet aluminum wheels. See that flash of yellow in the center of the wheel? This Bronco has era-appropriate manual lockers for when the going gets really tough.

We didn’t go through all this work to slap stock suspension on the Bronco. Its shocks are custom valved for this trucks particular ride height and vehicle weight, and can be modified for the customer’s use as well. This Bronco is as comfortable on-road as it is off-road.

Atop this extremely rugged and durable chassis and powertrain is the piece de resistance, the picture-perfect body. It’s like a Normal Rockwell painting – an All-American, simple-yet-gritty canvas finished into a masterpiece. A mirror-like Sky Blue finish has been applied to the majority of this Classic Ford Bronco, but not without a few highlighting brushstrokes. The dashboard is simply finished in white while the trim is chrome, appropriately.

For the off-road aspects like the custom front and rear bumpers and the eight-point roll cage, black powder coating is chosen for an impenetrable finish. Tucked neatly away in the center of the front bumper is an LED light bar that adds a modern feel and intense white light in the darkness. Speaking of lights, the headlights are upgraded projector-style lights to bring the Bronco into this century, but the round, chrome-trimmed style is kept for a period-correct design.

Sure, it looks great, but what does this ’76 Classic Ford Bronco have for you? Take a close look inside and you’ll see it has the comfort touches as well. A custom-wrapped saddle leather interior gives this Bronco a life of its own, and that leather extends to the door panels also. A padded center lockbox console is fitted.

At this level of customization, you expect comfort, and we deliver. Velocity Restorations has perfectly integrated a Vintage Air A/C system and precision round dash vents to keep you cool as a cucumber, wherever in the world this Classic Ford Bronco ends up.

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Call us at (850) 434-6769 so we can discuss everything about this full frame off restoration. We could go on and on about our love for restoring classic cars. Let us put you in the Classic Car of your dreams.

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