Velocity Restorations SEMA 2017

This $229,000 Scout Was Found in an Oil Field and Resurrected

Marco Della Cava - Robb Report - 08/08/2018

There are plenty of head-turning new cars available to anyone wanting to make a splash, especially when cost is no object. But even the rarest of Ferraris or Porsches are seldom one-of-a-kind machines that stop both traffic and conversation—which is exactly why shops like Velocity Restorations are thriving. The Florida-based company has a simple motto that leaves no question about its mission: “Breathing New Life into American Classics.”

Velocity Restorations SEMA 2017

Trick Pony – Velocity Restorations’ ’76 Bronco

Todd Ryden - Good Guys - 04/30/2018

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Especially when it’s a plan that was hatched by two innovative hot rod builders – Velocity Restorations and the Roadster Shop. In the case of this amazing ’76 Bronco, the PPG Dream Car from the 2017 Southwest Nationals, that’s exactly what happened.

Velocity Restorations SEMA 2017

Velocity Restorations – Building Bitchin’ Broncos and More

John Drummond - fuel curve - 01/24/2018

Florida’s Velocity Restorations began in 2006 when Brandon Segers bought then restored his first Ford Bronco – a 1969 model. He had long admired these wall-climbing machines made famous in American pop culture way back when Ted Nugent was filling stadiums across America in the mid-70s.

Brandon’s longtime friend Stuart Wilson followed suit with his own frame-off ’76 Bronco restoration. Within a short span, they went into the business of restoring these popular, boxy Broncos which now have a cult-like following. “Who doesn’t love the pure, rugged awesomeness of Classic Ford Bronco’s?” they ask.

Velocity Restorations SEMA 2017

Velocity Restorations – Post Your Ride: Chevrolet Chevelle

Wheel Scene - 06/20/2017

"There isn't a single part or surface in this '68 Chevelle that hasn't been retouched or brought into the modern automotive era."

When you hear the name ‘Chevelle’, you might lose interest. But this is not your average Chevelle. It’s a 1968 Chevelle that’s been completely redone from top to bottom. It’s totally custom, and it’s every car guy’s wet dream. There isn’t a single part or surface in this ’68 Chevelle that hasn’t been retouched or brought into the modern automotive era. Velocity Restorations received this car and stripped it down to bare bones, because that’s what we do. We work with a blank canvas and turn it into a masterpiece each and every time. If you’re wondering if we’re the same people that specialize in early Ford Broncos, you’re right – that’s us. But because we’re based in Pensacola, Florida, we have virtually any type of vehicle at our fingertips and in remarkably good condition for a restoration. So why not a Chevelle?

Velocity Restorations SEMA 2017


Jason unrau - Wheel Scene - 05/16/2017

Maybe this 1976 Ford Bronco can tide you over until the new Bronco comes out.

Ford let it slip that a 2020 Ford Bronco is in the cards. Its return will have throwback styling cues paying homage to the early Ford Bronco model. But why would you wait for 2020 when you could have an absolutely stunning 1976 Ford Bronco today?

Completely restored from top to bottom, this is the 1976 Ford Bronco “Kandy.” It’s a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, combining the best of the Bronco’s former glory with a few finer modern technologies.

Velocity Restorations SEMA 2017


Sean Tirman - hiconsumption - 02/2017

Most of the time, we can appreciate classic vehicles that feature all original parts. The problem is, as time goes by, they are increasingly hard to come by. Luckily we also quite like it when a classic car or SUV gets a full-blown overhall. Because then you get the beautiful good looks, but also all the trappings of modern technology. And that’s what makes this fully-restored 1976 Ford Bronco so wonderful: it falls into that latter category.

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