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Not Restored, But Reborn

Ford F-250

Starting at $299,900

Velocity, where the golden age of American motoring converges with modern driving. We’re redefining the essence of classic ownership tailored to your preferences with a guaranteed delivery date. You don’t compromise, and neither do we.

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  1. NO GUESSWORK: A seamless and engaging process from initial consultation to delivery that surpasses industry norms. No hassles and no curveballs.
  2. PEACE OF MIND: Our proven track record isn’t just about on-time deliveries; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to integrity, quality, and the satisfaction of every Velocity owner.
  3. STAY INFORMED, STAY EXCITEDOur proven track record isn’t just about on-time deliveries; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to integrity, quality, and the satisfaction of every Velocity owner.
  4. UNMATCHED DRIVEABILITY & RELIABILITY: Our trucks are engineered for exhilaration and lasting reliability.

The Velocity Difference in the

F-250 Rebirth

At Velocity, each of our classic Ford Broncos are more than a means of transportation; each vehicle stands as a symbol of freedom, style, and a personal statement crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, modern drivability, and individuality for today’s modern classic collector.

Not your grandfathers's old ford

While the classic charm remains intact, Velocity pushes the boundaries of luxury with its signature interiors. Every inch of the Heritage series inside space has been artfully re-envisioned, boasting leather-accented VR Exclusive door panels and bench seating. Modern touches, such as billet components, grace high-contact areas, seamlessly merging traditional aesthetics with contemporary design.

This fusion is further exemplified by Sparc Industries’ leather-wrapped billet steering wheel. Enhancing the cabin experience is a state-of-the-art Double-Din touchscreen stereo, complemented by superior Focal Audio speakers.


Velocity’s F-250 is a testament to preserving vintage allure while embracing the marvels of current automotive innovations. It flaunts a dual-toned Glasurit Paint finish, enriched with VR Billet details and complemented by painted steel wheels.

Laying the groundwork for this beauty is the VR Exclusive chassis crafted by the renowned Roadster Shop. Nestled within is the heart of a beast: a Gen III 5.0L Ford Coyote V8, married perfectly to a 10-speed Automatic Overdrive transmission. This ensures that the truck isn’t just a feast for the eyes, but an exhilarating powerhouse on the roads.

What Velocity Owner Say

With nearly 500 vehicles delivered and 100+
5-star google reviews, nobody does it like Velocity.

“Velocity interviews Matt Kraugh, a classic car enthusiast, who shares his firsthand experience with the exceptional builds of the Velocity Signature Series Bronco and the award-winning Velocity Ford F-250 truck.”

Matt Kraugh 1970 Classic Ford F-250

1970 Classic Ford F-250
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“My experience with Velocity and their team of professionals has been nothing but 1st class. The facility is unbelievably impressive.  It’s worth the trip, you will be glad you did!  Extra thanks to Devin, Tom, and Karen. PS- My wife drives the Bronco way more than I so that says all you need to know”

Brandon Biles 1973 Classic Ford Bronco

1973 Classic Ford Bronco
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“I highly recommend these guys at Velocity. Their quality and attention to detail are unmatched versus anything else I’ve seen. They’ve listened to me at every stage of the process and have done an outstanding job of keeping me updated throughout. I couldn’t recommend these guys any higher.”

Michael Parker 1970 Classic K5 Blazer

1970 Classic K5 Blazer
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“My experience with Velocity was extremely positive.  Jared stayed in touch with me regularly and reviewed all the options thoroughly with me and Velocity delivered a beautiful, super high-quality car with each and every one of them.

It is a really fun truck to drive and I am enjoying it a lot!”

Ben Adner 1972 Classic Ford Bronco

1972 Classic Ford Bronco
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“It’s. Just. Fun.”

The Turner Family 1977 Classic Ford Bronco

1977 Classic Ford Bronco
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“Love my truck !!!! so much fun !!!!
Jared has been amazing through the whole process. He is always available and very helpful.”

Drew Wolf 1969 Classic Ford Bronco

1969 Classic Ford Bronco
View build

“I had a great experience of designing my 1967 Bronco and watching my dream Bronco being built through the 14 week process.  This was a great experience, full of clear details, multiple photos each week and a precise workmanship on every part of the build.  The END RESULT…..jaw dropping!!!!”

Alyson Wilson 1967 Classic Ford Bronco

1967 Classic Ford Bronco
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“Rock and Roll team. Super fantastic truck and experience!! My wife is over the moon excited about her new ride!!”

The Smiths 1973 Classic Ford Bronco

1973 Classic Ford Bronco
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“I cannot say enough great things about velocity. These guys are pure professionals and their product is beyond compare. I have been fortunate enough to have purchased many custom made vehicles over the years, and nothing comes even close to the bronco that they build.”

Gary Turchin 1968 Classic Ford Bronco

1968 Classic Ford Bronco


Rediscover the golden era of American motoring reimagined for today’s roads in a Velocity classic. Explore our curated collection of available vehicles.

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