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Cars like this ’83 Delorean deserve the very best treatment – the Velocity treatment. The plan for this futuristic sports car was a factory-style refresh. Its 130-hp 2.85L V6 was cleaned up and the 5-speed manual transmission was gone through. Keeping true to form, the cast alloy wheels were refinished while the factory steering and suspension were repaired, keeping the car as original as possible. 

The stainless steel body was cleaned up and finessed, ensuring the unique gull-wing door coupe looked its absolute best. The factory grey leather interior was retained, keeping this collector’s car as pure as possible. 

This ’83 Delorean turned out amazing, proving that Velocity can and does do it all. 

Drive Train                                                                         

  • 2.85 L V6 PRV Engine
  • 5 Speed manual transmission


  • 4 Wheel independent suspension with coil springs
  • Rack and pinion steering 
  • Cast alloy wheels 
  • Power assisted disc brakes


  • 2 Door Coupe 
  • Unpainted stainless steel body
  • Gull-wing doors 


  • Factory interior
  • Standard grey leather upholstery
  • Three spoke steering wheel
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