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  • Velocity is the largest and oldest builder of resto-mod American vehicles in the United States. There are a number of things that set us apart from other brands.

    1. Experience: Velocity has built over 750 custom vehicles to date. We estimate we have spent a combined total of over 500,000 hours working on and revolutionizing classic American vehicles.
    2. Reputation: With over 100 five star reviews and a plethora of customer testimonials, Velocity is recognized as a highly reputable and reliable build partner. Alongside the sentiment of our clients, we are also recognized for our reputation through many media reviews and industry awards.
    3. Build Facility: All Velocity builds are completed at our 135,000 sq/ft HQ facility in Pensacola, Florida. The entire process, from powder coating through paint to final dyno testing, is done between these four walls. This means we do not rely on the work or quality of any third parties to finish our vehicles. 
    4. Quality Control: Constructing a resto-mod classic is a complex process. That’s why we quality check every step of the build, in station. There are a total of 1000(?) individual quality control steps that every Velocity vehicle has to pass before it is ready to ship.
    5. Engineering: Inside our facility we have 5,000 sq/ft and 10 engineers dedicated to improving our product. Using tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters and 3 Axis CNC machines, we design, prototype and then make proprietary components and solutions to improve our products.
  • Every Velocity vehicle features modern components and equipment to ensure safe use on modern roads. These items vary by vehicle type, but include disc-brakes, 3-point seat belts, 6-point roll cages, sway-bars and backup cameras. We ensure that every Velocity vehicle has running gear appropriate to handle and control the increased power output we give our vehicles.

  • Because all Velocity vehicles feature modern drive-trains, they can be serviced by modern mechanics. Our products are able to be serviced at any main dealer, or with any independent modern mechanic.

    Every Velocity vehicle come with an in-depth Velocity owners manual, which details all service intervals.

  • We want to ensure that you get the best insurance possible for your Velocity. That is why we have created a list of preferred insurance suppliers that we will introduce you to when the time comes.

  • Exact horsepower varies by model, but typically Velocity vehicles output between 400 and 500 horsepower. You can find specific details by exploring the technical specifications on each model page.

  • Yes, we offer a manual transmissions on all of our models.

  • At Velocity, we have three levels of further specification available on our builds. These are Options, Packages and Series.

    Optional Upgrade: An optional upgrade is typically an aesthetic or technology item charged at additional cost. For example, all Velocity vehicles feature a back-up camera as an optional upgrade.

    Packages: A package is a group of aesthetic changes that create very distinctive styling. Packages vary by model, but one example is the Black-Out package, which takes all chrome elements of a vehicle and makes them black for a meaner look.

    Series: Every vehicle at Velocity starts as a Signature Series - this is the base level of specification that we want all of our vehicles to include. For clients who want to go to the next level, we offer two premium Series lines, the Street Series (for rear-wheel drive vehicles) and the Heritage Series (for four-wheel drive vehicles). Upgrading to either a Street or Heritage Series fundamentally changes the look and performance of the vehicle, and includes a number of optional upgrades as part of the price. There are a number of options that are only available by moving to a premium Series. 

    Edition: Editions are special vehicles that are typically built in very limited numbers. One example, the Founder’s Edition, is designed specifically by Velocity founder Stuart Wilson, and features complete overhauls of almost all aspects of the vehicles, from drivetrain to interior design. Founder’s Edition vehicles are only available to existing Velocity customers with at least two Velocity vehicles already in their possession.

  • Every Velocity vehicle comes with a 2 year bumper-to-bumper warranty. For more detailed information, please see our warranty page.

  • Yes - absolutely. Please speak with your assigned Sales Executive to request a rendering.

  • Whilst it is impossible to guarantee the future value of any car, there are some important positive factors to consider when it comes to a Velocity vehicle.

    The classic car market is growing. In 2022 it grew by 11.6%, and between 2017 and 2021 the market grew an average of 3% year of year. As mainstream automotive moves towards a new level of technology (EVs, self-driving cars) the demand for classics is at an all-time high.

    Resto-mod vehicles are in high demand. A study by SEMA revealed that 50% of classic vehicle businesses are now focusing on resto-mod work. Increased demand for resto-mods is driven by a growing interest from luxury vehicle collectors, dealers and car enthusiasts.

    Velocity will buy your vehicle back. It is very rare to see a Velocity vehicle on a classified ad or auction site. This is because Velocity makes every effort to buy the vehicle back from the owner if they consider selling. This allows us to carefully protect our MSRP, and more importantly, the value of your Velocity vehicle.

  • Yes - financing is available on all Velocity vehicles through Woodside Credit. You can get more information on their website here. 

  • Velocity has an industry leading step-by-step, station-by-station quality control system. We repeatedly quality control our vehicle builds before, during and after assembly.

    Before: We ensure all parts, components and materials are quality checked before we stock them in our warehouse.

    During: Every station feature a computer running our cutting edge production management system known as ‘SOS’. Within this system, every build step is logged and accounted for. During these steps, regular quality control checks take place. When the vehicle is ready to move to the next station, a final quality control is done on all works completed in that station.

    After: Once the vehicle assembly is complete, all vehicles move to a dedicated Test and Tune station. In this station, we perform both road testing and dyno testing on the vehicle. In total, each Velocity vehicle will have around 500 test miles completed prior to completion. Once Test and Tune is complete, the vehicles move to the Rework Station, to correct any findings from Test and Tune.

  • All Velocity vehicles come with brand new engines and transmissions. However, as part of our quality control procedure, we put around 500 miles on every build - as such you can expect to receive you Velocity with between 500 and 600 miles on the odometer. 

  • Velocity vehicles are built to be driven - many Velocity owners use their vehicles as daily drivers, including for long distance trips.

    Exact performance figures vary by model, but all Velocity vehicles are capable of 0-60mph in 5 seconds or less.


  • Every Velocity vehicle is customizable from a large menu of options, including things like paint color, interior stitch patten, technical accessories, and more.

  • Every part of a Velocity vehicle is built at our 135,000 sq/ft facility located in Pensacola, FL.

  • Our goal is to retain the classic look and aesthetic of the original vehicle while delivering modern reliability and performance. 

  • At this time, Velocity is only building left hand drive vehicles.

  • Whilst we’d love to help everyone with their vehicle, we unfortunately do not have the capacity to take on any partial restorations or existing projects at this time.

  • Yes, Velocity accepts trade-ins. A trade-in can be any vehicle at all, including an existing Velocity build.

  • Most of our customers keep their Velocity vehicle for decades; some even hand them down as heirlooms! However, we understand that circumstances change and at some point you might need to consider selling your Velocity. If this happens, Velocity will work with you to help ensure you realize the maximum value from your build. 

    Buy Back or Trade-In: Velocity will make you an offer, both to directly buy the vehicle back from you or to take in as a trade in against another Velocity vehicle. Typically, we are able to offer higher values as trade credits against another Velocity build.

    Consignment via CPO: Velocity offers consignment through our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. Vehicles sold through our CPO program come with a 150-point inspection and a 1-year warranty.

  • No, at the moment we do not work on any modern vehicles, including the new Bronco.

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