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The dream of owning a classic car has never been easier thanks to Velocity. We have streamlined the entire ownership experience from start to finish to take all of the guesswork out of building, purchasing, and shipping your next classic vehicle.

If you’re in the market for a world-class restomod, contact Velocity today and get your dream rolling.

Step 1 Contact
Step 1

Discovering Velocity

It’s easy to connect with Velocity through our website inquiry form, direct phone call, or face-to-face at an event. You will work directly with a dedicated sales professional to discuss your wants and needs in a classic vehicle thus laying the groundwork for a strong, personalized relationship from design to delivery.

Step 2 Consultation

Create Your Classic

This step of the process is the most important as it allows you to visualize your specific build whether you’re interested in a Ford Bronco, Ford F-Series truck, Mustang, Chevrolet K5 Blazer or International Scout. Our process gives enthusiasts the unique ability to create the classic car of their dreams with the same ease as ordering a new car. You and your sales expert will finalize all of your desired details right down to the interior stitching.

Step 3 Agreement

Sign Your Contract

To combat the unknowns that go with many restorations, the Velocity process provides a contract that clearly outlines important details of your build from the vehicle specifications, cost, and delivery date. A $25,000 deposit secures your build slot or selection of an available vehicle in the showroom. Talk to your sales expert about financing and trade-in options to make your purchase experience as easy as possible.

Prodcution Process 01 Body Mockup
Prodcution Process 02 Exhaust And Roll Cage
Prodcution Process 03 Body Prep
Prodcution Process 04 Paint
Prodcution Process 05a Electrical
Prodcution Process 05b Chassis
Prodcution Process 06 Mechanical
Prodcution Process 07 Assembly And Interior
Prodcution Process 08 Test And Tune
Prodcution Process 19 Quality Check

Step 4 Watch Your Classic Come To Life

Every step of your vehicle’s production process is completed in-house at Velocity’s 135,000-square-foot facility ensuring complete control of the timing and quality of all builds. Velocity’s skilled team of more than 140 technicians, mechanics, and support staff benefit from an assembly line approach to provide you with the highest-quality product. Quality control is integral at every stage of the 14 week production timeline allowing us to provide you with unmatched quality, reliability, and efficiency during the build process.

Step 6 Delivery

Make Space In Your Collection

After rolling off the assembly we test drive each vehicle for 500 miles ensuring each vehicle is ready for you. Your final paperwork is prepared for you and we present you with several shipping options, if needed. We work with top transport companies to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your classic vehicle.

Step 7 Follow Up


The Velocity process doesn’t stop once the vehicle is shipped as we pride ourselves on dedicated support post delivery. All vehicles can be serviced and maintained by any qualified shop. Still, your Velocity team is always here for you to provide dedicated support whether you have questions about your vehicle or if a warranty issue arises. Velocity truly makes owning a classic car easy. 

Process 06

Enjoy Ownership

Our mission is to deliver not just a car but an experience - and one that you will cherish every time you get behind the wheel or look at it parked in your garage. We have crafted this classic vehicle as embodiment of your aspirations and adventures, past, present, and down the road.


Leta Gardella 1977 Ford Bronco

Matt Kragh 1970 F-250 & 1969 Bronco

James Lees 1975 Ford Bronco

Turner Family 1977 Ford Bronco Ranger Package

Gary Turchin 1976 Ford Bronco

Jon Summer 1971 Ford Bronco Midnight Package


Step back in time with a modern twist as you immerse yourself in the golden age of American motoring, brought to life through Velocity’s exceptional classic vehicle restorations. Each vehicle in our meticulously curated collection stands as a testament to the era’s design and spirit, now re-engineered for the demands of contemporary driving.

Call 850.466.1810 and let Velocity guide you to a ride that’s not just a car, but a timeless treasure waiting to be claimed. Your journey with your own classic vehicle begins today.

Velocity isn’t just our name—
It’s our promise.

Discover the epitome of automotive craftsmanship with our restored classic vehicles for sale at Velocity Restorations. Each vehicle in our collection is a testament to timeless elegance and superior engineering, meticulously revived to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike. Explore our inventory today and find your dream ride.

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