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Founded in 2012 Driven By Passion

Velocity is the tireless pursuit of vintage aesthetic and modern usability. We exist to remake icons into performance centered daily drivers.


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Our exclusive restorations transform classic American vehicles with enhanced quality, technology, and performance into usable modern vehicles. Call us at (850) 466-1810 to discuss your options.

Velocity Modern Classic HQ Ariel Sm

Unrivaled Production Facility

Boasting a 135,000 sq/ft production facility and 120+ employees, Velocity sets the standard with all work completed in-house. Our production capability allows Velocity to create the highest quality vehicles while still meeting your guaranteed production timeline.

Velocity Classic Ford Bronco
Velocity Dakota Digital Bronco Guage
Velocity Classic Ford Bronco 03
Velocity Classic Ford Bronco door handle

Classic Ford Bronco Restorations

We have spent over a decade blending the classic style of the 1966-1977 Vintage Ford Bronco with the modern comfort, performance, and reliability of today. With over 450 Bronco builds complete, Velocity is the industry leader in the modernization of the American icon.

We incorporate exclusive Velocity components and engineering in all of our classic Ford Bronco builds. That is why our vehicles are often imitated, but never duplicated.

Velocity Ford F100 01
Velocity Ford F100 Steering WHeel
Velocity Ford F100 Front Grille
Velocity Ford F100 Interior


The iconic American street truck redesigned for the open road. Built to be a turnkey driver, every Velocity F-100 has been restored and modified far beyond its original capability.

The Velocity F-100 isn’t just a good looking truck - it’s a true performance vehicle that you will always find an excuse to go out and drive.

Velocity Ford F250 Highboy
Velocity Ford F250 Interior
Velocity Ford F250 02
Velocity Ford F250 04

Ford F-250

With vintage charm and modern prowess, the Velocity F-250 is our take on a timeless classic. Every inch of these trucks is meticulously revamped and overhauled - the result is a manifestation of hard work done well.

This isn’t just a showpiece – it’s the heart and soul of the old school.

Velocity Ford Mustang Fastback 01
Velocity Ford Mustang Fastback 02
Velocity Ford Mustang Fastback 03

Ford Mustang

The Velocity Mustang is our take on the legendary 67-68 Fastback. It embodies the essence of American muscle, blending timeless design with modern power and reliability. 0-60MPH in less than 5 seconds, no traction control and the option for a manual - we’ll see you on the track.

Dive into a driving experience that resonates with history but doesn’t compromise on quality. It’s more than a car; it’s a statement.

Velocity Chevrolet K5 Blazer 03
Velocity Chevrolet K5 Blazer 04
Velocity Chevrolet K5 Blazer 02

K5 Blazer

Take one look at the Velocity K5 Blazer and you’ll find a vehicle that stays true to the vintage look of the original but offers dozens of modern amenities. Perfect for an adventurous family, the Blazer’s longer wheelbase allows for extended rear legroom and lots of space for camping gear, surfboards and coolers.

Gather your loved ones, get outdoors and create some memories. What are you waiting for?

Velocity International Scout II 01
Velocity International Scout II 02
Velocity International Scout II 03

Scout II

Velocity has an international reputation as the leader in custom International Scouts. We’ve taken all of our experience, passion and knowledge and applied it to the new Velocity Scout II, launching in 2024.

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