Classic Ford Broncos

Restored classic Ford Bronco front view at a beach

1966-1977 Ford Bronco

At Velocity, we create modern vehicles that honor the heritage of the classic Ford Bronco. Each restoration blends timeless design with performance-inspired components and modern comfort. With over a decade of experience, our meticulous build process ensures unmatched quality.

The Signature Series offers exceptional value, while the Ranger Package adds retro styling, and the Blackout Package provides a sleek, bold look. Crafted by our expert in-house team, every Bronco features luxury appointments and precise construction, delivering nostalgia and modern excellence in one exceptional vehicle.

  • Signature Series
    Starting at $249,900
    Signature Series Classic Ford Bronco with surfboard on roof

    The Velocity’s Signature Classic Ford Bronco offers unmatched quality, value, and includes the most desirable features. The Gen III Ford Coyote V8 engine is the modern core of this powerful Bronco, capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in less than 5.1 seconds.

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  • Blackout Package
    Starting at $262,400
    Classic Ford Bronco with Velocity Blackout Package

    The same great shape, but with a modern look that subtly removes all the shine of chrome accessories. Velocity’s Blackout Package runs throughout the vehicle both externally and internally. To achieve this look factory bumpers are blacked out, in addition to side mirrors and handles. The package adds black Method Racing wheels wrapped in 33-inch BFG Baja Champion Tires as a signature styling cue.

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  • Ranger Package
    Starting at $268,900
    Velocity Ranger Package Restored Ford Bronco

    An homage to the top trim level of the classic Ford Bronco, Velocity’s Ranger Package is a timeless and distinctive look both inside and out that shows off the vintage character of this highly refined truck. Inside, any fan of a classic Bronco will immediately recognize Velocity’s custom-tailored bucket seats finished in a beautiful custom vinyl that’s perfectly set off by the exclusive Ranger Edition seat insert.

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  • 1971 Aventurine Green Classic Bronco
    1971 Aventurine Green Classic Bronco
  • Ford Gen III Coyote V8 Engine
    Ford Gen III Coyote V8 Engine
  • Velocity Exclusive Billet Mirror
    Velocity Exclusive Billet Mirror
  • Classic Ford Bronco Dash
    Classic Ford Bronco Dash
  • Vintage Ford Bronco Dana 44 Axle
    Vintage Ford Bronco Dana 44 Axle
  • Velocity 1968 Ford Bronco Blackout Package
    Velocity 1968 Ford Bronco Blackout Package
  • Custom Bronco Ranger Package Interior
    Custom Bronco Ranger Package Interior
  • Early Ford Bronco Ranger Badge
    Early Ford Bronco Ranger Badge
  • Dakota Digital Vintage Bronco Gauges
    Dakota Digital Vintage Bronco Gauges
  • Velocity Ford Bronco Frame & Exhaust
    Velocity Ford Bronco Frame & Exhaust
  • Velocity SIgnature Ford Bronco Interior
    Velocity SIgnature Ford Bronco Interior
  • Arabian Gray Bronco Blackout Package
    Arabian Gray Bronco Blackout Package
  • Velocity Pink Ford Bronco Ranger Package
    Velocity Pink Ford Bronco Ranger Package
  • Early Ford Bronco In Nashville
    Early Ford Bronco In Nashville
  • Velocity Signature Bronco Rear Interior
    Velocity Signature Bronco Rear Interior

Designed with Purpose

Velocity preserves the classic Ford Bronco’s iconic design while adding modern enhancements for a perfect blend of past and present. Each vintage Bronco maintains its timeless style, complemented by contemporary performance and comfort.

Rebuilt from the ground up by our expert in-house team, every Bronco ensures flawless quality and attention to detail. The Velocity Signature Series Bronco combines luxury and precision-crafted construction for a nostalgic yet modern driving experience.

Customize your Bronco with the Ranger Edition and Blackout Package, offering unique styling that blends retro and contemporary elements. Experience the classic Ford Bronco look with Velocity’s modern twist.

Exterior Features

  • BASF Glasurit Custom Paint 01

    To give these top-of-the-line Broncos the best finish possible, Velocity uses high-quality BASF Custom Glasurit Paint. Choose from a list of colors Velocity has on-hand or come up with your own custom hue that can be mixed just for your vehicle. Stick with one solid color or upgrade to our Ranger Package for a two-tone scheme.

  • Holley RetroBright LED Headlights 01

    The Velocity Ford Bronco improves its safety and style thanks to a set of premium Holley RetroBright LED Headlights. These units not only provide enhanced visibility when driving at night or in harsh weather, but they also add to the truck’s bold appearance. Holley RetroBright headlights are also known for their durability, which is why they are popular for off-road enthusiasts.

  • BFGoodrich Tires

    The Velocity Ford Bronco wears meaty BF Goodrich T/A KO2 tires to match its off-road capability. The Bronco wears 31” BFGs with uncut fenders, while the molded rear fenders can accommodate larger 33” tires.

    These are wrapped around 17” alloy bullet wheels.

  • Custom Roll Cage

    Velocity custom fabricates each roll cage specifically to the vehicle that it’s being mated with. Then, the interior shop hand makes the bikini top to wrap over providing protection from the sun to the front row.

  • Velocity Bronco Features 07

    Synchronized dual wipers might seem trivial when it comes to featured components, but they can sometimes be overlooked on classic car restorations. This ensures maximum safety and style.

  • Velocity Bronco Features 05

    The Velocity Ford Bronco rides on its 33” tires, but standard power-retractable side steps make it easy for anyone to climb into the cab. These side steps automatically lower when the door is opened and then retract once the door is closed.

Standard Paint Colors
Pearlgonium Orange
Pearlgonium Orange
Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon
Nardo Gray
Nardo Gray
Boxwood Green
Boxwood Green
Racing Green
Racing Green
Brittany Blue
Brittany Blue
Anvil Gray
Anvil Gray
Swatters Blue
Swatters Blue
Santorini Black
Santorini Black

Interior of Velocity's Vintage Ford Broncos

The Velocity Signature Bronco interior refines a classic icon with upgraded seats, premium materials, and custom panels. Designed for beauty and function, this interior adds surprising elegance to a piece of American automotive history.

Comfort is ensured with a Vintage Air A/C system, IDIDIT tilt steering column, and FOCAL audio system, all seamlessly integrated. Optional heated or ventilated seats and seat relocation kits provide a perfect, individualized setup.

Each Velocity Bronco blends the nostalgic charm of the classic Ford Bronco with modern comfort, making every drive an exceptional experience.

Interior Features

  • Velocity Restored Ford Bronco Interior

    The Velocity Ford Bronco already has a luxurious and modernized interior, but you can make this vehicle a true one-off build with available custom options. Velocity’s in-house trim shop can create a custom interior using leather or high quality automotive vinyl as well as color stitching.

  • Velocity Restored Ford Bronco Digital Gauge

    Each Velocity Ford Bronco comes with an Exclusive Dakota Digital Gauge Cluster combining a retro style with a contemporary driving experience. Dakota Digital is renowned for its modernized gauge clusters, and the units used for this Bronco are a perfect example.

    A quick glance at the gauges and it looks like a typical Bronco cluster from the ‘60s and ‘70s, but the display’s digital capabilities are obvious once you fire the truck up.

  • Velocity Restored Ford Bronco Floor Mats

    A set of custom floor mats finishes off the modernized interior of the Velocity Ford Bronco. The floor is Raptor lined for durability, and the mats provide an elevated finish. These mats are so beautiful that you won’t want to get them dirty.

  • Velocity Restored Ford Bronco Steering Wheel

    The steering wheel is the most tactile component of any vehicle, so the Velocity Ford Bronco gives drivers an excellent feel for the road with the GT Performance Steering Wheel.

  • Velocity Restored Ford Bronco Bluetooth Stereo

    To stay connected and listen to your favorite music while cruising, the Velocity Ford Bronco comes with a premium Bluetooth head unit in single and double DIN sizes. The head unit pairs to a high-fidelity Focal audio system to provide an interior sound that is second only to the truck’s V-8 rumble.

  • Velocity Vintage Bronco Upgrades 07

    The head unit pairs to a high-fidelity Focal audio system that delivers superior audio quality with Flax Series speakers and subwoofer. When combined, this sound system gives the Bronco an ultra-modern interface that delivers an interior sound that is only second to the truck’s powerful V-8 rumble.

  • Velocity Restored Ford Bronco Vintage Aur Ac

    All Velocity Ford Bronco trucks come with the added convenience of a Vintage Air air conditioning system. Vintage Air is the go-to brand for adding air conditioning to a classic vehicle, and it does so while preserving the truck’s vintage interior. This means that this modernized classic can be driven year round without sacrificing comfort.

  • Velocity Restored Ford Bronco Power Windows

    Designed to maintain the vintage look of traditional window cranks, these power windows offer a seamless aesthetic that complements your Bronco’s timeless charm.

Standard Interior Colors
Arabian Double Diamond
Arabian Double Diamond
Walnut Double Diamond
Walnut Double Diamond
Hickory Classic Stitch
Hickory Classic Stitch
Live Oak Double Diamond
Live Oak Double Diamond
Shoreline Leather Double Diamond
Shoreline Leather Double Diamond
White Double Diamond
White Double Diamond
Black Classic Stitch
Black Classic Stitch

Performance and Reliability

With over 12 years of R&D, Velocity has perfected the steering and suspension setups of our classic Ford Broncos to ensure they drive better than anything else on the market. Each vehicle is tuned on our in-house dyno for optimal performance, providing a smooth and powerful drive.

Our commitment to quality means that our technicians put at least 500 miles on each vehicle to ensure everything functions perfectly and is properly broken in. This process guarantees unmatched reliability and performance in every restored Ford Bronco.

That is the Velocity difference.

Drivetrain & Chassis

  • Ford Coyote V8 Engine in a Classic Ford Bronco

    Complement the classic Bronco’s rugged looks with an advanced Ford Coyote Gen III 5.0L V8 engine. This engine is tuned specifically for the Bronco by Velocity to deliver an impressive 460 horsepower for exhilarating performance, and it benefits from the fuel efficiency and reliability of a modern engine.

  • Velocity Early Bronco 10 Speed Transmission 01

    The Ford Coyote Gen III 5.0L V8 engine is backed by an equally advanced 10-speed 10R80 automatic transmission. This same engine and transmission combination can be found on a brand-new F-150 pickup, but Velocity tuned the transmission specifically to this classic Bronco.

  • Dana 44 Front Axle

    To ensure the Velocity Ford Bronco can tackle any terrain, it is equipped with a Dana 44 front axle and a Ford 9” rear axle. Power is sent to the axles through an Atlas 2-speed transfer case, and the locking Warn front hubs maximize traction when required.

  • Velocity Vintage Bronco Upgrades 02

    The Velocity Ford Bronco Signature Series rides on a restored version of the Bronco’s original frame. This frame has been sandblasted and powder-coated to be stronger and more durable than what the truck rode on when it was brand new. As a further performance and handling upgrade, there is also an optional Velocity Exclusive Roadster Shop frame available.

  • Velocity Bronco Features 01

    With all that power under the hood, the Velocity Ford Bronco upgrades the antiquated factory braking setup with a more advanced system from Wilwood that delivers improved stopping power. The Wilwood big brake kit adds six-piston calipers up front and four-piston calipers in the rear.

  • Velocity Bronco Features 06

    Velocity has tuned the Bronco’s suspension to deliver a smooth ride without losing the off-road capability that made these trucks so popular among enthusiasts in the first place. The Velocity Ford Bronco beefs up the suspension with 11-leaf rear springs, which is more than double the spring count from the factory. It also adds Bilstein shocks at all four corners. In addition, front and rear sway bars give the vintage Bronco a more stable ride.

  • Velocity Bronco Features 03

    The Velocity Exclusive Performance Exhaust is custom made for the early Ford Bronco to get maximum performance from the Ford Coyote V8 Engine. This stainless steel exhaust system optimizes exhaust flow, while MagnaFlow mufflers give the Blazer a rumbling exhaust note from the single 3” tailpipe.

  • Velocity Vintage Bronco Upgrades 05

    These restored Broncos are fitted with the Velocity Exclusive Aluminum Fuel Tank. For increased accuracy, this 15-gallon fuel tank uses a GM-style 58 psi fuel pump with a cylinder-style fuel level sender. The tank is powder-coated with a satin black finish and uses stainless steel lines.



Velocity’s vintage Bronco upgrade packages blend together several elements, adding to the unique nature of your build.

Blackout Restored Ford Bronco

Blackout Exterior

Exterior blacked-out chrome components include: Bronco Sport emblem, Ford grille lettering, door handles, light bezels, bumper, and more

Blackout Bronco Interior

Blackout Interior

Blacked-out interior accessory control knobs, door handle cups, gauge bezels, and more.

Black Method Race Wheels

Black Method Race Wheels

Transform your Ford Bronco with the bold and rugged look of the 17-inch black Method Race Wheels included in the blackout package. These wheels are designed for performance and style, featuring a tough, lightweight construction that enhances your Bronco’s off-road capabilities.

Ranger Package
Ford Bronco Ranger Stripe

Ranger Stripe

An iconic white and orange stripe along the hood and sides makes a statement that accentuates the Glasurit paint of your choice. The Bronco’s side and hood have a Ranger stripe, along with the Ford Lettering on the tailgate.

Restored Bronco Ranger Interior

Ranger Package Interior

Exclusive Ranger Package interior options with faux woven inserts,
custom tunnel mats, matching safari top, and seatbelts.

Bronco Packages 06

Painted Bumpers and Roll Cage

Wimbledon White roll cage, 17” Steel wheels, and bumpers bring together this exclusive design.

RetroSound BT Stereo

RetroSound Bluetooth Stereo

The RestroSound Bluetooth Stereo maintains the classic look while providing connectivity to your device.

Two Tone Restored Bronco

Two-Tone Painted Grill & Dash

Includes an optional Two-tone painted grill and dash, adding to the vintage look of your Bronco.


Make it
Your Own

We’ve designed and engineered the Velocity Ford Bronco to be as unique as possible, but we know that many buyers still want extreme levels of personalization. We offer numerous add-on options to improve the Bronco’s styling, luxury, comfort and convenience. These interior and exterior upgrades are proof that no detail is too big or too small to create a truly custom classic.

Exterior Upgrades
Classic Bronco upgraded 6 Point Roll Cage

01 6-Point Roll Cage

The 6-point roll cage is a premium upgrade in terms of safety. The 6-point cage provides rear passengers with 3-point safety belts and adds two additional points of contact between the roll cage and the vehicle body.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Hardtop

02 Custom Hard Top

Our hard tops are built by hand in our metal shop. They provide the most protection for your vehicle from outside elements. They are available in white or color-matched to the body. The top includes a headliner and sound-silence material.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Billet Door Handle

03 Custom Billet Door Handles

Up the styling inside and out with custom billet components. All billet parts are designed and built in-house, giving each Bronco a unique look and feel. Choose chrome accents or upgrade to the Blackout package for a sleeker, darker look.

Velocity Vintage Bronco Upgrades 03

04 Spare Tire Carrier With Matching & Rim and Tire

Elevate your Bronco’s readiness and style with this essential upgrade, making every journey worry-free and memorable.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Soft Top

05 Bestop Soft Top

We offer a Bestop Soft Top to provide added protection from the elements. The Soft Top is easily removable for the openair cruising the classic Bronco is known for.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Beltline Trim

06 Beltline Trim

The Beltline Trim is a stainless molding that goes along the sides and rear on the Bronco. It was an original Bronco option that we offer to add to the classic aesthetic.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Black Method Race Wheels

07 Black Method Race Wheels

The Black Method Wheels are an iconic 12-window all-terrain wheel. Not only do they boast an iconic off-road look, but they also have an increased load rating to ensure that they can handle any condition with strength and rigidity.

Interior Upgrades
Classic Bronco Upgrades Leather Seats

01 Leather Interior

The leather is an upgrade from the automotive vinyl. It provides an upgraded fit and finish with a luxurious feel. Upgrade to premium leather to take your Bronco to the next level.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Heated Seats

02 Heated Seats

Just like a modern luxury vehicle, the Velocity Ford Bronco is available with fully integrated heated seats. Whether you want to warm up on a cool day or relax your back after a long day on the links, the heated seat upgrade is a must-have.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Vented Seats

03 Ventilated Seats

Adding to the luxurious driving experience, the Velocity Ford Bronco is available with fully integrated ventilated seats. In conjunction with the Vintage Air a/c system, these optional ventilated seats will help keep you cool and comfortable while cruising on a hot, summer day.
*Requires perforated seats

Classic Bronco Upgrades Seat Relocation

04 Seat Relocation

The seat relocation kit provides 2 inches of extra travel for the driver’s seat. This is helpful for those above average height, as this upgrade provides extra leg room for the driver.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Backup Camera

05 Backup Camera

Backing up the big Velocity Ford Bronco is easier and safer thanks to a backup camera. The camera is built into the tailgate handle, and the backup view is displayed either on the rearview mirror or stereo head unit.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Billet Door Handle

06 Billet Door Handles

Enhance your Early Ford Bronco’s appearance and operation with a pair of our Velocity Exclusive inner door handle assemblies. The revolutionary design is sturdier and smoother than OEM Ford Bronco door handles.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Billet Window Crank

07 Billet Window Crank

Enhance your Early Ford Bronco’s appearance and tactile feel with Velocity’s Billet Window Cranks.

Classic Bronco Upgrades Touchscreen Stereo

08 Touchscreen Stereo

This head unit has a pop-up digital display that allows for wireless connectivity to your Apple or Android device. Enjoy the best of what modern technology has to offer in your classic Ford Bronco.

Classic Bronco Upgrades SiriusXM

09 SiriusXM Radio

For those who enjoy satellite radio, Sirius XM can be added to the stereo in your classic Ford Bronco with this upgrade.

Velocity Vintage Bronco Upgrades 06

10 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Adding to the thrill and authenticity of driving a classic Bronco, the manual transmission offers a more engaging and responsive driving experience, allowing you to feel every shift and connect with the road.


Covered from Bumper-to-Bumper

Velocity provides a robust two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, ensuring all materials and workmanship are of the highest quality. This comprehensive coverage is exclusive to the original buyer and underscores our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

All warranty services are conveniently handled at Velocity’s premises in Florida or approved facilities, ensuring consistent and reliable support. Celebrate peace of mind with our dedicated service that keeps your classic pristine. Learn more

Purchasing Solutions
Design Consultation2

Schedule a Free Design Consultation

With all the model and customization options available, contact a Velocity sales representative and see what your Velocity Ford Bronco could be. This free design consultation can bring your dream Bronco to life, showing you the interior and exterior details.

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Financing Options2

Financing Options

As the largest and most established builder of classic vehicles, Velocity has teamed up with Woodside Credit to provide our buyers with attractive financing options. Woodside is a specialized lender for collector vehicles, and it has a quick and easy pre-approval process toward any Velocity Ford Bronco.

Visit Woodside Credit

Trade In to Trade Up

Trade-in to Trade-up Program

Just like buying from a new-car dealership, you can use your existing vehicle as a trade-in toward the purchase of a Velocity Ford Bronco. Whether you have an older Velocity build or any other classic or collectible vehicle, our sales team will work with you to determine an accurate trade-in value.

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