Classic Ford F-100

Street Series

For those who seek the thrill of modern performance while seated in a chapter from automotive history, the Street Series awaits.

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The Ultimate Statement

The Velocity Ford F-100 Street Series is more than a truck—it’s an experience. Every aspect, every feature, is a tribute to the fusion of classic allure and modern innovation. To drive it is to make a statement, to announce one’s appreciation for the timeless and the contemporary.

It’s not just about going faster; it’s about feeling the road, understanding its nuances, and conquering every twist and turn with precision.

Precision Crafted Power & Thrill

The Street Series isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a redefinition. The Street Series takes the classic charm of the F-100 and infuses it with raw, unbridled power. Every component, every tweak, and every modification is meticulously curated to satisfy those with an insatiable need for a thrill.

It’s not just about going faster; it’s about feeling the road, understanding its nuances, and conquering every twist and turn with precision.

Legacy and Innovation

Ford F100 Street Edition 01
Ford F100 Street Edition 03
Ford F100 Street Edition 04
Ford F100 Street Edition 06
Ford F100 Street Edition 02
Ford F100 Street Edition 09
Ford F100 Street Edition 05
Ford F100 Street Edition 07
Ford F100 Street Edition 08

Interiors that Redefine Luxury

The vintage aesthetics are carefully preserved, but luxury is redefined with the incorporation of Velocity-exclusive interiors. The Street Series interiors and been completely redesigned in-house featuring leather-wrapped VR Exclusive door panels and bench seat.

Billet components are also added to frequent touch points adding a modern look, appearance, and feel to the vehicle along with a leather-wrapped billet steering wheel from Sparc Industries. A Double-Din touchscreen stereo is also added along with an upgraded Focal Audio speakers.

Ford F100 Street Edition 10
Ford F100 Street Edition 12
Ford F100 Street Edition 11
Ford F100 Street Edition 13
Ford F100 Street Edition 14
Ford F100 Street Edition 16
Ford F100 Street Edition 15
Ford F100 Street Edition 17

Performance Meets Elegance

Velocity’s Street Series F-100 celebrates the vintage charm of the original truck while seamlessly integrating today’s cutting-edge automotive technologies—the exterior features Two-Tone Glasurit Paint, VR Billet Components, and Forgeline Wheels.

The Roadstershop Spec chassis forms a robust foundation, upon which rests the modern heart of the truck - a Gen III 5.0L Ford Coyote V8 paired with a 10-Speed Automatic Overdrive transmission. This potent combination ensures that the truck doesn’t just look stunning, but delivers a driving performance that’s unparalleled in its class.


    • Gen III 5.0L Ford Coyote V8
    • 10R80 Automatic Overdrive Transmission
    • Velocity Exclusive Serpentine System
    • Velocity Exclusive Performance Exhaust
    • Velocity Custom Headers
    • Two Tone Custom Paint
    • Chrome Belt-Line Trim (Cab, Tailgate, and Grille)
    • 17" Alloy Wheels
    • Michelin Pilot Sport
    • JW Speaker LED Headlights
    • All New Glass and Weather Seals
    • Exterior Billet Components
    • Velocity Billet Mirrors
    • Velocity Leather Interior (Custom Door Panels, Color Matched Steering Column, and Carpet)
    • Full Carpet Interior
    • Velocity Exclusive Dakota Digital Gauge
    • Touchscreen BT Digital Head Unit with Apple Carplay and Android Auto
    • Focal Audio Premium Sound System – Focal Flax Series w/ 3 Way Front Stage & Rear Coaxials, 10″ Down Firing Subwoofer, Full Activ
    • Ididit Tilt Steering Column
    • Sparc Steering Wheel
    • Auto-dim Rear View Mirror
    • Vintage Air A/C System
    • Interior Billet Package (Door Cups, Window Cranks, Back-lit Arm Rest, Door Lock Pulls, Shift Knobs, A/C Knobs, Defrost Vents)
    • Backup Camera
    • Roadster Shop Spec Chassis
    • Baer 6-Piston Disc Brakes
    • Hydraboost Assisted Braking
    • Ford 9” Rear Axle
    • Velocity Exclusive Aluminum Fuel Tank

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