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Starting at $96,900


Uncompromising performance in true Velocity style. Our exclusive Velocity VB3 chassis, built on top of the VB2 Framework, has been uniquely engineered and precision-crafted for the most discerning Bronco builds, and it’s now available to you. A 460-hp Coyote crate engine and a 10-speed automatic transmission are at the heart, but that’s certainly not all. A two-speed Atlas 2 transfer case spins Tom Woods driveshafts for terrain-gripping traction. Velocity exclusive touches include our 6-rib serpentine system, Velocity proprietary exhaust system, Velocity cooling system, and more. From an Ididit steering column and Hydroboost braking system to Vintage Air A/C and transmission cooler, virtually all you’ll need to add is the body.

**When receiving parts, the Client must take inventory of delivered parts and report any items missing or damaged to Velocity within 48 hours of parts being recorded as delivered.

Includes our VB2 Rolling Chassis and the following:

Drivetrain /
  • Ford Performance Gen III Coyote Crate Engine
    • 465 HP/ 400 TQ
    • 11:1 compression ratio (requires 91 minimum octane)
    • Controlled by FRPP Control Pack
    • Custom-designed Stef’s aluminum 7 qt oil pan to provide ample engine-to-axle clearance
    • Lower steering shaft and joints
    • Motor mount brackets with rubber motor mounts
    • Motorcraft starter
    • Lokar transmission dipstick for ease of mounting
  • Ford 10R80 10-speed automatic transmission with torque converter
  • Atlas 2 Transfer Case with cable shift twin sticks
    • Hi range 1:1 ratio
    • Low range 3:1 ratio
  • Tom Woods 2” Driveshafts
    • Double Cardan CV joints with XB splines to improve strength and wear resistance.
    • Front utilizes 1310 u-joints
    • Rear utilizes 1350 u-joints
  • Velocity Serpentine 6-rib system to ensure quiet belt operation and concentrate accessories as tight towards the engine as possible.
    • Power Steering Pump
    • Alternator 175 AMP
    • A/C Compressor
    • Tensioners and Belts
  • Custom fabricated and TIG-welded 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust
    • 3/8” thick 304 SS header flanges to prevent warping and leaks
    • 1 ¾” Header primary tubes
    • 2 ½“ Header collectors
    • 2 ½” y-pipe w/ flex pipe to a 3” outlet
    • 3” y-pipe to tailpipe
    • We use v-band clamps on our exhaust systems to increase end-user ease of adjustability and maintenance.
    • Offered in 2 exhaust tones: w/ 2 Magnaflow mufflers for extremely quiet (almost stock) sound & w/ 1 Magnaflow muffler and secondary muffler delete pipe (more aggressive/off-road sound)
    • All necessary gaskets and hardware
Included Upgrades /
  • Ididit steering column
  • Hydratech Hydroboost braking system
  • Wilwood master cylinder and proportioning valve with lines from the proportioning valve to frame
  • Black Powdercoated power steering and coolant overflows
  • Transmission cooler with lines and fittings 
  • Vintage Air A/C kit with evaporator, condenser, dryer, trinary switch, controls, and all lines and fittings needed
  • Velocity Exclusive 3 core triple pass Coyote spec radiator 16PSI radiator cap
  • Velocity aluminum satin black powder coated shroud
  • GC 16” HP Cooling Fan for incredible cooling power while reducing power consumption.
  • Radiator hoses needed w/ proper heat shrink clamps
Optional Upgrades /
  • Ford 6R80 automatic 6-speed Kit +$6,995
  • AX15 manual 5 Speed Kit +$1,995
  • 33″ Classic M/T and BFG polished package Kit +$3,048
  • 35” Classic M/T and BFG polished package Kit +$4,242
  • 31” Cooper M/T with Steel package Kit +$3,103
  • 33” Cooper M/T with Steel package Kit +$3,137
  • Sway Bars Starting at $3,200
  • Sport Suspension Kit +$5,995


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