The Ford Bronco: From First Generation to 2023 Resurgence

The Ford Bronco: From First Generation to 2023 Resurgence

The late 1960s bore witness to a shifting automotive landscape. Donald N. Frey, the same visionary behind the Mustang, championed the Bronco project. The Bronco wasn’t just a vehicle; it became part of American culture, symbolizing freedom and adventure.

The Ford Bronco: From First Generation to 2023 Resurgence

The Ford Bronco has always been a testament to the company’s prowess in innovation, design, and foresight. Since its inception, it’s not just been a vehicle; it’s a statement. As we approach the launch of the 2023 Bronco, it’s worth journeying back to where it all began and understanding the legacy it’s built on.

Origins of an Off-Road Icon: The First Generation Bronco (1966-1977)

The late 1960s bore witness to a shifting automotive landscape. With the Jeep CJ-5 garnering popularity, Ford recognized an untapped niche for an off-roader that was both rugged and more comfortable. Enter the Bronco in 1966.

Research and Development: Ford’s objective was clear: develop an off-road vehicle to compete with the likes of the Jeep CJ and the International Harvester Scout. Donald N. Frey, the same visionary behind the Mustang, championed the Bronco project. Under his guidance, the Bronco was developed with a unique frame, suspension, and a body that was neither too agricultural nor too urban.

Design: The original Bronco was available in three body styles: a wagon, a half-cab, and a roadster. Simplicity was key. With a flat glass, a fold-down windshield, and minimal frills, it was both utilitarian and iconic.

Legacy of the First Generation: The first generation Bronco set the bar for multi-purpose vehicles. Its versatility made it a favorite among off-roaders, farmers, and even city dwellers looking for a stylish yet sturdy ride. The Bronco wasn’t just a vehicle; it became part of American culture, symbolizing freedom and adventure.


The 2023 Ford Bronco: A Nod to the Past, A Leap to the Future

After a hiatus that left enthusiasts yearning, Ford announced the Bronco’s return in 2017. The buzz was immense, and the anticipation palpable. And when the 2023 Bronco was unveiled, it did not disappoint.

Research and Development: The 2023 Bronco was developed with a deep understanding of its rich legacy combined with modern-day demands. While the new Bronco borrows heavily from its predecessor in terms of design ethos, it’s been reimagined for today’s world. Ford spent considerable time gathering feedback from previous Bronco owners and off-road enthusiasts.

Design: Taking cues from the original, the 2023 Bronco boasts a squared-off design, round headlights, and a pronounced grille bearing the Bronco name. The removable roof and doors are a nod to its ancestor but with improved ergonomics and functionality. Inside, it’s a blend of retro design meets modern tech. The infotainment system, advanced driver aids, and quality materials are a far cry from the utilitarian interiors of the 60s.

Performance and Technology: While the first-generation Bronco was laudable in its performance, the 2023 version is leaps and bounds ahead. With advanced EcoBoost engines, terrain management systems, and innovative trail technologies, it’s built not just to tread paths but to blaze new ones4. The integration of the latest in infotainment and safety tech ensures that the journey is as enjoyable as the destination.

Comparison: Then and Now

Purpose vs. Versatility: The original Bronco was purpose-built: rugged, straightforward, and utilitarian. The 2023 version, while still holding onto its roots, offers a broader appeal. It’s as much at home in urban settings as it is in the wild.

Technology: The leaps in technology are evident. While the original had its charm, the new Bronco is equipped with advanced driving aids, infotainment systems, and connectivity options that cater to the modern driver.

Performance: The first-generation Bronco was no slouch, but the advancements in engine technology, suspension design, and off-road systems in the 2023 model elevate the driving experience to new heights.


Velocity Restorations’ Classic Ford Bronco Restomod: A Seamless Fusion of Vintage Charm and Modern Elegance

In the world of automotive restoration, few endeavors captivate enthusiasts quite like the blending of classic design with today’s advancements. Velocity Restorations, with their meticulous craftsmanship and innovative vision, have crafted a niche in this domain, particularly with their Signature Classic Ford Broncos. These restomods aren’t merely restored vehicles; they are re-imagined masterpieces.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of the classic Bronco, Velocity infuses each vehicle with luxury appointments, precision-crafted details, and state-of-the-art technology. The result is a driving experience that evokes the unmatched nostalgia of cruising in a vintage Bronco but with the comforts and conveniences of a modern-day luxury vehicle.

At the heart of their reimagined classic lies the bespoke interior—a true testament to Velocity’s commitment to unparalleled excellence. Inside, one is greeted by an exclusive Velocity-designed ambiance. From all-weather floor mats and door panels equipped with power windows to a custom dashboard adorned with top-tier features like Vintage Air A/C, Bluetooth connectivity, Iditit tilt steering, and Dakota Digital gauges, every inch exudes sophistication. The seamless integration of old and new ensures that the spirit of the original Bronco remains intact, while modern amenities elevate the driving experience.

Velocity’s Classic Ford Bronco restomod is more than just a vehicle; it’s a celebration of iconic American design, artfully blended with contemporary practicality. It stands as a testament to the idea that while classics can be re-imagined, their essence remains timeless.

The Velocity Ranger Edition Bronco: A Nostalgic Ode to American Automotive Greatness

In the ever-evolving realm of automotive restorations, there exists a fine balance between honoring the past and embracing the innovations of today. Velocity, with its renowned expertise and dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship, presents the Ranger Edition Classic Ford Bronco—a tribute to an American icon.

The original Ranger Edition Classic Ford Bronco was, for over a decade, emblematic of rugged American style. It was more than a vehicle; it was an embodiment of a time, a sentiment, and an ethos. Velocity’s iteration of this masterpiece encapsulates that very essence while infusing it with modern luxury. Their goal is resolute: to intertwine the heritage of the past with the innovations of the present, and in doing so, they’ve crafted a Bronco that stands unparalleled in its class.

Blending Past with Present: The Ranger-Inspired Design

Externally, the Velocity Ranger Edition Bronco is a vision of beauty that immediately evokes nostalgia. The iconic white and orange striping, reminiscent of the original first-generation Ranger Edition, proudly adorns the hood and sides, striking a visual balance between ruggedness and refinement. This homage doesn’t end there. The Wimbledon White roll cage, front bumper, rear bumper, and the 17-inch “Steele” wheels all give a nod to days gone by, while their modern execution ensures the vehicle remains firmly rooted in the present.

Classic Meets Contemporary: The Redesigned Interior

Step inside the Ranger Edition, and you’re greeted with an interior that seamlessly blends the iconic with the innovative. The custom-tailored bucket seats, bathed in luxurious custom vinyl, are accentuated by the Ranger Edition-inspired seat insert—a design feature that echoes the past, stretching across the custom floor and wrapping over the transmission tunnel. It’s a subtle yet impactful nod to the classic Bronco Ranger Edition’s distinctive carpeting style. The interior detailing, from matching seat belts to gear selector boots and even the safari top, is a testament to Velocity’s meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every inch of the Bronco resonates with the spirit of the original Ranger.


The Velocity Midnight Edition Bronco: Embodying Darkness with Flair

There are vehicles that stand out due to their gleaming chrome and bright finishes, and then there’s the Velocity Midnight Edition Classic Bronco—a testament to the power and allure of the shadows. It represents the synthesis of modern luxury and timeless design, encapsulating both in a package that’s as sinister as it is sexy.

The Power of Black: Dominant Exterior Design

The Midnight Edition isn’t just a Bronco; it’s a statement. As an embodiment of raw, uncompromising style, it provides car enthusiasts a chance to own something truly unique, especially for those who crave a custom look without an extended wait. The Bronco’s identity remains firmly intact, but with over 60 pieces being blacked out, it transforms into a beast of a different nature. From its factory-style bumpers to the striking Method Racing wheels, every element has been meticulously detailed to enhance the vehicle’s dark allure. The message is clear: this isn’t just any Bronco—it’s a bold reimagining that commands attention.

Performance with a Dark Twist

Velocity’s dedication to excellence is evident not just in the Midnight Edition’s aesthetics but its performance. Built from the ground up, this Classic Bronco boasts a meticulously corrected and powder-coated chassis, ensuring durability and resilience. And with the addition of new axles, formidable Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes, and the unyielding grip of 33-inch BFG BAJA CHAMPION tires wrapped around its Method racing wheels, this Bronco isn’t just about looking good—it’s about dominating any terrain it encounters.

An Interior Enveloped in Night

The darkness extends to the Bronco’s interiors, reflecting a commitment to the Midnight theme. Blacked-out components, from heater knobs and door lock pulls to window cranks, present a harmonious continuity from exterior to interior. But this doesn’t mean compromise. Velocity ensures that luxury remains at the forefront. With marine-grade vinyl adorning high-back seats and the convenience of rear fold and tumble seating, the interior becomes a sanctuary of comfort. And in a nod to modernity, features like a digital gauge cluster and Bluetooth head unit are integrated, proving that the Midnight Edition, while inspired by the classics, is every bit prepared for the present.


The Ford Bronco story is one of evolution. From its inception as a straightforward off-roader to its rebirth as a modern-day icon, it’s been a journey of innovation, passion, and foresight. The 2023 Bronco, while a nod to its storied past, is a testament to Ford’s commitment to progress. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s a legacy reborn.

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