Velocity Visits Jay Leno’s Garage

Velocity Visits Jay Leno’s Garage

On a recent trip to California, Cody Dabney, Director of Custom Vehicle Operations, had the opportunity to visit Jay Leno’s Garage and show off both a Velocity Modern Classic Bronco and F-250.

In the world of automotive titans, you don’t get much more legendary than Jay Leno.

Yes, Jay Leno is known for his long career as a comedian and host of the Tonight Show, but automotive aficionados know him as America’s car guy. His incredible car collection dwarfs most private collections, and Jay is not only a fan of classic cars like Dusenbergs, Bugattis, and steam-powered cars from the early 1900s, but all-American iron like the classic Ford F-250 truck, early Broncos, and much more. If it’s got an engine, you can bet that Jay’s already a huge fan.

Velocity Modern Classics has made a mark on the classic vehicle industry by turning workhorse vehicles like vintage F-250 trucks and classic Ford Bronco into beautifully engineered vehicles that bridge the gap between the past and present like nothing else on the road. While each of their vehicles retains the nostalgic look we all love, underneath that skillfully crafted bodywork is a modern chassis, and drivetrain, along with a custom-crafted interior that is anything but ordinary. These are special vehicles that will remain iconic for decades to come.

A new era for classic trucks

On a recent trip to California, Cody Dabney, Director of Custom Vehicle Operations, had the opportunity to visit Jay Leno’s Garage and show off both a Velocity Modern Classic Bronco and F-250. Jay and Cody spent a few minutes looking at a Velocity Signature Series Bronco but spent the majority of their time on the 1970 Ford F-250 build that recently took SEMA by storm. What was once a workhorse that spent time on the job site or the farm has been reimagined into a high-performance vehicle with a beautifully hewn interior and custom touches throughout.

Jay was especially impressed with the build quality of the F-250, remarking on the custom touches found throughout the interior such as the billet vents, door pulls, and much more. Since all Velocity vehicles come with air conditioning, Jay and Cody also joked about the old “lunch box style” air conditioning units that used to come on vintage vehicles. Suffice it to say, Velocity has integrated a Vintage Air unit into the overall dashboard design in a meticulous yet functional way that’s a far cry from those old A/C units.

Everything looks like it came out of 1970 but retains a modern level of fit and finish.

Out on the road, Jay had a chance to push the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 and hear the incredible sound rolling out of custom Velocity headers. Even though the F-250 is incredibly capable on all types of terrain, the overall heavy, and solid feeling of the truck translates into a smooth, controlled ride on the street that belies its 5000-pound-plus weight. Plus, with nearly 500 horsepower under the hood, this is one quick truck without resorting to a lack of refinement to make serious power.

Jay Leno loved the truck and his experience with Cody. For a guy who’s built and restored hundreds of vehicles, this is no small feat and we’re proud to say that our vehicle spent time in his legendary garage.

Velocity F250 01 800x450

Velocity Signature Series F-250 & F-100

Velocity Modern Classics is proud to announce that we will be adding a Velocity Signature Series F-250 & F-100 lineup to our portfolio of Signature products in 2023.

Velocity doesn’t just build restorations. We build completely custom, bespoke vehicles that perfectly blend the past with the present like no other builder on the planet. In 2021, we built a brand-new facility in Pensacola, Florida to accommodate a state-of-the-art production line that builds our Signature Series Broncos for customers all over the world. Not only does building on a production line help us guarantee a 14-week build time, but it also ensures the type of quality that our customers expect from Velocity Modern Classics.

If you love old Ford trucks but are looking for the bespoke luxury and quality that Velocity is known for, stay tuned. 2023 is going to be a banner year for a company that’s redefined the classic vehicle industry.

To learn more about our Signature Series Vehicles or to reserve one, please contact us today.

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