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1969-1972 Ford F-100

The Velocity Ford F-100 is a tribute to automotive heritage, blending the timeless appeal of this classic truck with modern innovation. At Velocity, we reimagine the iconic lowered, 2WD, hot rod, crafting each vehicle to honor its storied past while providing contemporary comfort, reliability, and performance.

We transform the F-100 into a modern masterpiece by integrating technology and design. The Velocity Ford F-100 offers an unparalleled driving experience, from chassis and interior. It’s more than a truck; it’s a connection to history and a statement of enduring style.

  • Signature Series
    Starting at $279,900
    Signature Series F100

    The Velocity Signature Series F-100 offers unmatched quality and value, blending classic style with modern comfort and reliability. Each vehicle is meticulously crafted in-house by our expert team, ensuring every detail meets our high standards. Combining vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, the Signature Series F-100 delivers a superior driving experience, embodying the perfect balance of nostalgia and innovation.

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  • Street Series
    Starting at $339,900
    Street Series F100

    For those who crave the thrill of modern performance within a classic shell, the Velocity Street Series F-100 awaits. More than just a truck, it’s an experience that blends timeless allure with contemporary innovation. Every feature is designed to make a statement, celebrating the past and present. The Street Series F-100 isn’t just about speed but mastering the road precisely and feeling every twist and turn.

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  • Brittany Blue Ford F-100
    Brittany Blue Ford F-100
  • Velocity Street Series F-100 Interior
    Velocity Street Series F-100 Interior
  • It’s not just about going faster; it’s about feeling the road.
    It’s not just about going faster; it’s about feeling the road.
  • Forgeline Wheels
    Forgeline Wheels
  • Velocity Street Series Ford F-100
    Velocity Street Series Ford F-100
  • Ford Coyote V8 Engine
    Ford Coyote V8 Engine
  • Aventurine Green F-100 in airplane hanger
    Aventurine Green F-100 in airplane hanger
  • Velocity Billet Mirror
    Velocity Billet Mirror
  • Street Series F-100 Interior
    Street Series F-100 Interior
  • Metallic Seaform Ford F-100
    Metallic Seaform Ford F-100
  • Velocity Ford F-100 ready for takeoff
    Velocity Ford F-100 ready for takeoff
  • VR Billet Tailgate Handle and Backup Camera
    VR Billet Tailgate Handle and Backup Camera
  • LED Headlight
    LED Headlight
  • Intioer Carpet and Floormat
    Intioer Carpet and Floormat
  • Street Series F-100 Rear
    Street Series F-100 Rear

Designed with Purpose

The approach to the Velocity Ford F-100’s exterior is driven by a deep understanding of how our customers use and enjoy their vehicles. We restore and enhance this classic truck to ensure it not only retains its timeless appeal but also integrates seamlessly with modern technology and conveniences.

Exterior Features

  • Classic F100 Features 05

    Velocity exclusively uses the premium BASF Custom Glasurit Paint on all Ford F-100 builds. This paint gives each build a high-quality finish, and customers are able to select from a variety of color options. The Velocity Ford F-100 even has the choice of two-tone paint schemes

  • Classic F100 Features 09

    The Velocity Ford F-100 improves the truck’s safety and style thanks to a set of premium LED Headlights. These units not only provide enhanced visibility when driving at night or in harsh weather, but they also provide a more custom appearance to match the truck’s attitude. JW Speaker headlights are also highly durable, so they remain popular among performance enthusiasts.

  • Classic F100 Features 06

    Nothing looks better on a classic car than shiny accents, and the Velocity Ford Bronco offers lots of chrome. The OEM-style chrome bumpers retain the original design, and other chrome components include headlight bezels, wiper arms, door mirrors and handles, fuel cap, and tailgate accessories.

  • Classic F100 Features 07

    No detail was overlooked when creating the Velocity Ford F-100, meaning that even the glass and weather seals were replaced for this high-quality build. Fresh glass maximizes visibility and safety, while the new seals ensure all the doors close solidly and seal the cabin from the elements.


Hand-crafted Interiors

The cabin is thoughtfully equipped with premium materials, advanced soundproofing, and state-of-the-art technology, including a modern stereo system and digital gauges. Whether you’re cruising around town or embarking on a road trip, the interior of the F-100 is designed to provide an enjoyable, hassle-free experience that accommodates all your needs.

Interior Features

  • Classic F100 Features 04

    Velocity’s Signature Series interior brings modern touches to the Ford F-100’s vintage cab. High-tech features include digital gauge cluster, Focal Premium Audio system, and single DIN bluetooth head unit, while the power windows, premium carpeting and mats, and Vintage Air air conditioning system maximize comfort. A 15-inch wood steering wheel adds a classic touch as does the comfortable bench seat.

  • Classic F100 Features 12

    All Velocity Ford F-100 builds come with the added convenience of a Vintage Air air conditioning system. Vintage Air is the go-to brand for adding air conditioning to a classic vehicle, and it does so while preserving the truck’s vintage interior. This means that the Ford F-100 can be driven year round without sacrificing comfort.

  • Classic F100 Interior Features 03 01

    In a combination of style and practicality, each Velocity Ford F-100 comes with the Exclusive Dakota Digital Gauge Cluster. This cluster has a vintage look to match the truck, but it also features digital displays and readouts to interface with the modern drivetrain.

  • Classic F100 Features 08

    The Focal stereo system delivers superior audio quality with Flax Series speakers and a 10” Down-Firing Subwoofer. This high-fidelity system uses Coaxials and a 3-way Front Stage and Rear setup to provide an interior sound that is only second to the Velocity Ford F-100’s powerful V-8 rumble. This high-fidelity audio system is controlled through a Retrosound Bluetooth head unit that maintains the timeless appearance of the vehicle.

  • Classic F100 Interior Features 03 02

    Designed to maintain the vintage look of traditional window cranks, these power windows offer a seamless aesthetic that complements your F-100s timeless charm.
    **Shown with Velocity Billet Upgrade**


Connected to the Road

Our commitment to performance means you get the best of both worlds: the nostalgic feel of a vintage truck combined with the reliability and efficiency of contemporary technology. With Velocity’s F-100, you’re not just driving a classic; you’re experiencing a redefined legend built to meet today’s standards and beyond.

Drivetrain & Chassis

  • Classic F100 Foundation Features 01

    What really sets the Velocity Ford F-100 apart from other builds is the Roadster Shop Spec Chassis. Rather than refurbishing the truck’s original frame, we’ve given it a brand-new chassis for a smoother ride, improved handling, and to best accommodate that lowered, athletic stance.

  • Classic F100 Foundation Features 02

    Complement the Ford F-100’s street styling with an advanced Ford Coyote Gen III 5.0L V8. This is the same engine found in a new Ford F-150, and with its impressive 460 horsepower, the F-100 can still do plenty of truck stuff while offering the efficiency and reliability of a modern engine.

  • Classic F100 Features 01

    The Ford Coyote Gen III 5.0L V8 engine is backed by an equally advanced 10-speed 10R80 automatic transmission. This same engine and transmission combination can be found on a brand-new F-150 pickup, but Velocity tuned the transmission to this classic F-100.

  • Classic F100 Features 02

    The Velocity Exclusive Performance Exhaust is custom made for the Ford F-100 to get maximum performance from the Ford Coyote Gen III 5.0L V8. This stainless steel exhaust system optimizes exhaust flow giving the F-100 a rumbling exhaust note from the single 3” tailpipe.

  • Classic F100 Foundation Features 03

    To match the added performance and handling of the engine and chassis, the Velocity Ford F-100 upgrades to a Baer big brake kit. While the original brakes used drum brakes, this system adds four-wheel disc brakes with 6-piston calipers up front and 4-piston calipers at the rear. Overall, drivers will experience braking capabilities that are smoother, faster, and more reliable.

  • Classic F100 Features 03

    With its custom Roadster Shop chassis, the Velocity Ford F-100 boasts a modern suspension design that provides improved handling and a smoother ride and delivers the truck’s street-ready stance. A front sway bar is a key component of the suspension setup, and they give each Velocity Ford F-100 a sporty and confident driving dynamic. In addition to the sway bars, these trucks are equipped with Fox coil overs at all four corners.

Street Series F-100

The Ultimate Driving Experience

For those who crave the thrill of modern performance within a classic shell, the Velocity Street Series F-100 is the perfect choice. More than just a truck, it offers an experience that seamlessly blends timeless allure with contemporary innovation. Each feature is designed to make a statement, celebrating the past and present. The Street Series F-100 isn’t just about speed but mastering the road precisely and feeling every twist and turn.

Street Series Features

  • Street Series F100 01

    Enhance the visual appeal of your classic Ford F100 with a striking two-tone BASF Glasurit paint job, adding a custom and sophisticated look to both the exterior and dash.

  • Street Series Features 01

    As a step up from the Signature Series, the Velocity Street Series further modernizes and reimagines the classic F-100 with added style. Featuring plaid leather, custom door panels, leather wrapped sparc steering wheel, and a touchscreen double-din stereo with Premiuem Focal Flax Eva Pro Speakers.

  • Classic F100 Features 10

    Add a touch of elegance with the Velocity exterior billet package, featuring billet handles, mirrors, hood badges, and tailgate handle (with integrated backup camera), for a refined and cohesive look.

  • Street Series Features 05

    Enhance the interior of your restored Ford F100 with the Velocity interior billet package, including billet door handles, window crank handles, and dash knobs for a polished finish.

  • Street Series Features 02

    Upgrade to 19-inch front and 20-inch rear Forgeline wheels for a modern touch and enhanced performance, giving your classic F-100 a sleek and stylish look.

  • Classic F100 Foundation Features 03

    Improve stopping power and safety with 14-inch 6-piston disc brakes, providing superior braking performance for your restored Ford F-100.

  • Street Series Features 03

    Enjoy modern connectivity with a touchscreen Apple CarPlay unit, integrating your smartphone seamlessly for music, navigation, and communication.


Make it
Your Own

We’ve designed and engineered the Velocity Ford Bronco to be as unique as possible, but we know that many buyers still want extreme levels of personalization. We offer numerous add-on options to improve the Bronco’s styling, luxury, comfort and convenience. These interior and exterior upgrades are proof that no detail is too big or too small to create a truly custom classic.

Exterior Upgrades
Exterior Upgrades 02

01 Two-Tone Paint (Includes Belt Line Trim)

Add to the iconic look of your F-100 with a two-tone paint job. Offered as an original option, chrome beltline trim is also included.

Exterior Upgrades 03


The Beltline Trim is a stainless molding that goes along the sides and rear of the Bronco. It was an original Ford Truck option that we offered to add to the classic aesthetic.

Classic F100 Features 10

03 Velocity Exterior Billet Package

Add a touch of elegance with the Velocity exterior billet package, featuring billet handles, mirrors, hood badges, and tailgate handle (with integrated backup camera), for a refined and cohesive look.

Exterior Upgrades 01

04 Wet Sand and Polish

Take the styling of your Velocity Ford F-100 to a show-ready condition with the available wet sand and finish. In this optional process, our detail specialists will spend hours working the paint to a deep, glossy look. This mirror-like shine will ensure your F-100 will be the envy of all enthusiasts.

Ford F100 Interior Upgrades 02

05 Back Up Camera (requires Exterior Billet Package)

Backing up the Velocity Ford F-100 is easier and safer thanks to a backup camera. This feature enhances visibility for parking and maneuvering with a camera that is built into the tailgate handle, and the backup view is displayed either on the rearview mirror or stereo head unit. The backup camera is included in the Street Series and optional in the Signature Series.

Interior Upgrades
Ford F100 Interior Upgrades 06


Ventilated seats are a great feature on a hot summer day. This option adds even more modern luxury to your F-100.
**Requires perforated seats**

Heated Seats 01


Just like a modern luxury vehicle, the Velocity Ford F-100 is available with fully integrated heated seats. Whether you want to warm up on a cool day or relax your back after a long day on the links, the heated seat upgrade is a must-have.

Ford F100 Interior Upgrades 04


The leather is an upgrade from the premium vinyl. It provides an upgraded fit and finish with a luxurious feel. Upgrade to premium leather to take your F-100 to the next level.

Ford F100 Interior Upgrades 03


Premium Woven Leather creates depth and pattern to your build by weaving thin leather strips together. This unique look truly meshes classic and modern.

**Only offered on Street Series builds and may increase production time.**

Ford F100 Interior Upgrades 07


Listen to your favorite stations from Sirius XM.

Ford F100 Interior Upgrades 01


Retractable touchscreen head unit that gives you the ability to connect to Apple Carplay & Andriod Auto.


Covered from Bumper-to-Bumper

Velocity provides a robust two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, ensuring all materials and workmanship are of the highest quality. This comprehensive coverage is exclusive to the original buyer and underscores our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. All warranty services are conveniently handled at Velocity’s premises in Florida or approved facilities, ensuring consistent and reliable support. Celebrate peace of mind with our dedicated service that keeps your classic pristine. Learn more

Purchasing Solutions
2148 Design Consultation2

Schedule a Free Design Consultation

With all the model and customization options available, contact a Velocity sales representative and see what your Velocity Ford F-100 could be. This free design consultation can bring your dream truck to life, showing you the interior and exterior details.

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Financing A Velocity Modern Classic 02

Financing Options

As the largest and most established builder of classic vehicles, Velocity has teamed up with Woodside Credit to offer our buyers attractive financing options. Woodside is a specialized lender for collector vehicles, and it has a quick and easy pre-approval process for any Velocity Ford F-100.

Visit Woodside Credit

Trade Ins 01

Trade-in to Trade-up Program

Like buying from a new-car dealership, you can use your existing vehicle as a trade-in toward purchasing a Velocity Ford F-100. Whether you have an older Velocity build or any other classic or collectible vehicle, our sales team will work with you to determine an accurate trade-in value.

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