Velocity’s production process is broken into approximately one-week segments that correspond to a specific stage of restoration. Dedicated technicians at each station are specialists who ensure weekly progress and superior quality control. Engineering and Quality Control departments ensure both the build process and completed vehicles meet specifications.

In combination with a robust inventory of parts and vertical integration of all production elements tracked via a proprietary system, Velocity meets both quality standards and timelines like no other delivering vehicles in 14-16 weeks (depending on the model).

Station 01 Body Mockup
Station 1


Each vehicle starts as a bare frame that is powder-coated to ensure long-lasting durability. The vehicle body is then set on top of the frame to “mockup” the vehicle, this includes ensuring body gaps meet all requirements.

Station 02 Roll Cage And Exhaust
Station 2


Each roll cage is individually fit to the vehicle to ensure a seamless design. A custom exhaust system is also crafted to ensure your vehicle sounds as good as it looks.

Station 03 Body Prep
Station 3


Details matter and nowhere is that more apparent than in your bodywork and paint prep. Each vehicle’s body is stripped to bare metal and body shop technicians carefully sand and prepare the vehicle for a stunning shade of paint. This process is not only incredibly challenging but absolutely required to get the finish worthy of Velocity vehicles.

Station 04 Paint
Station 4


Unlike many builders, Velocity completes every step of the painting process right in our facility, ensuring the highest level of quality control from the primer to the final layers of paint. Custom Glasurit paint is sprayed on the body tub and panels of your vehicle. Velocity utilizes four down-draft paint booths to ensure the highest standard of finish. The underbody is sprayed with Raptor Lining for heat management and long-lasting protection.

Station 05 Electrical
Station 5A


During this station each vehicle’s wiring harness is built and installed into the painted body. The dash and electrical components are also assembled and then installed into the vehicle.

Station 06 Chassis
Station 5B


While electrical technicians work on the body, new drivetrain and suspension components are assembled onto the frame. At the end of the week, the painted body is mounted to the completed chassis.

Station 10
Station 6


Technicians connect all electrical and mechanical parts of the vehicle. Depending on your model, the Ford 5.0L Coyote or Chevy 6.2L LT1 V8 engine is fired up for the first time allowing the vehicle to move under its own power to the next station.

Station 07
Station 7


During your build process, our in-house trim shop crafts the vehicle’s interior to your spec. In this station all components of your vehicle come together; the interior, body panels, roll cage, and bumpers are assembled and aligned.

Station 08
Station 8


Each vehicle hits our in-house dynamometer to ensure that the drivetrain is tuned for ultimate performance and driveability. Dedicated mechanics oversee suspension alignment and test drive each vehicle 500+ miles to confirm all components are functioning properly and that the driving experience is befitting of a Velocity Modern Classic.

Station 09
Station 9


Although each vehicle goes through QC checks at each station, a final, highly detailed quality control is performed by our experts prior to the vehicle being sent out to a customer. This is our final opportunity to make sure that the vehicle rolling out the door will meet our customer’s expectations and be deserving of the Velocity name.

Velocity isn’t just our name—
It’s our promise.

Discover the epitome of automotive craftsmanship with our restored classic vehicles for sale at Velocity Restorations. Each vehicle in our collection is a testament to timeless elegance and superior engineering, meticulously revived to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike. Explore our inventory today and find your dream ride.

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