1967 Classic Ford Bronco

Ranger Package

Restoration Example

Classic Meets Modern: Restored ‘67 Ford Bronco by Velocity


Experience American heritage at its finest with our Velocity-restored ‘67 Ford Bronco. Perfect for any driveway, it combines classic Bronco appeal with contemporary enhancements. We’ve upgraded it with a new Ford Coyote engine, a 10-speed transmission, and robust Dana 44 and Ford 9-inch axles, complemented by Wilwood disc brakes.

The body stays true to its origins with uncut rear fenders and OE stylings, highlighted by two-tone paint and Ranger stripes, plus a matching custom hardtop. Modern touches include new hardware, seals, glass, and LED headlights.

Inside, the transformation is remarkable. Enjoy the luxury of leather and tweed-like inserts, retractable power steps, a RetroSound Bluetooth stereo, and a Velocity Exclusive digital gauge cluster.

This ‘67 Bronco is a testament to our commitment to blending classic style with modern performance.


Discover the Velocity Classic Ford Bronco Ranger Package




Classic Meets Modern: Restored ‘67 Ford Bronco by Velocity

Vehicle Overview

Color Velocity Racing Green
Trim Ranger Package
Interior Hickory Ranger
Engine Gen III 5.0L Ford Coyote V8
Transmission 10-Speed Automatic Transmission
Chassis Restored Ford Frame
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