1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0008_Driver Side Profile
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0009_Driver Side Front QTR
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0010_Driver Side Front
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0011_Front Grille
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0000_Passenger Side Front
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0001_Passenger Side Front QTR
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0002_Passenger Side Profile
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0003_Passenger Side Rear QTR
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0004_Passenger Side Rear
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0005_Rear Tailgate
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0006_Driver Side Rear
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0007_Driver Side Rear QTR

1967 Classic Ford Bronco

Ranger Package

Looking even better than the day it rolled off the showroom floor, this 1967 Early Ford Bronco shows off the craftsmanship Velocity is known for.


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Pair the vintage Ranger Edition appearance package with functional upgrades, and you’ve got an SUV that fits as a daily driver or a show car.

The Harbor Blue GLASURIT Custom paint is overlaid with the iconic Ranger stripe in Wimbledon White over a body with uncut rear fenders. The six-point roll cage, grille, and steel wheels are all painted to match for a cohesive appearance, finished by new badges, trim, and glass, not to mention JW Speaker LED headlights.

Inside, the Velocity Exclusive interior has been wrapped in white vinyl with custom stitching to go along with the marching all-weather floor mats. Our digital gauge cluster and an Alpine head unit with a backup camera put a modern touch on the minimalist interior. And to get you comfy in the driver’s seat, we’ve included an Ididit tilt column and Vintage Air A/C.

When it comes to performance, the old 170 cubic-inch anchor has been swapped for a 430-hp Coyote crate V8 and an AOD gearbox that spins its brand-new 4WD drivetrain. And for safety and style, our Velocity Exclusive stainless steel fuel tank is used to feed the beast.

There’s much more to this Classic Bronco yet, from its custom exhaust to Wilwood brakes. Find out more by reaching out to Velocity today.


Discover the Velocity Classic Ford Bronco Ranger Package

Vehicle Overview

Color Harbor Blue
Trim Ranger Package
Interior White Ranger
Engine Gen II 5.0L Ford Coyote V8
Transmission 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
Chassis Restored Ford Frame
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0025_Digital Instrument
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0031_Custom Interior
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0016_Custom Rear Seat
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0026_Custom Center Console
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0024_Passenger Side Custom Interior
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0028_Driver Side Seat
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0029_Drivers Side Seat Detail 2
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0030_Drivers Side Seat Detail 3
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0015_Rear Seat
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0027_Custom Floorboards
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0017_Driver Side Door Panel
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0018_Stereo And AC Controls
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0019_Stereo And AC Controls 2
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0020_Twin Stick Shifters
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0021_Twin Stick Shifter Detail
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0022_Cupholders
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0023_Cupholders 2
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0012_Engine View 1
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0013_Engine View 2
1967_Classic Bronco_Ranger_0014_Engine View 3


    • Gen II 5.0L Ford Coyote V8
    • 4R70 Automatic Overdrive Transmission
    • Velocity Exclusive Serpentine System
    • Velocity Exclusive Performance Exhaust
    • Velocity Custom Headers
    • Custom Glasurit Paint
    • Ranger Stripe Kit
    • 17" Painted Steel Wheels
    • 265/70R17 Cooper Tires
    • JW Speaker LED Headlights
    • All New Glass and Weather Seals
    • 6-Point Color Matched Roll Cage
    • Custom Color Matching Safari Top
    • Chrome Components
    • OEM Mirrors
    • Power Steps
    • Raptor Liner Undercarriage and Bed Liner
    • Color Matched OEM Bumpers
    • Velocity Signature Interior w/ Front High Back Seats and Rear Fold and Tumble
    • Velocity Custom All Weather Floor Mats
    • Velocity Exclusive Dakota Digital Gauge
    • Alpine BT Digital Head Unit
    • Kicker Sound System – 4 Speakers and Subwoofer
    • Ididit Tilt Steering Column
    • Classic Wood Steering Wheel
    • Auto-dim Rear View Mirror w/ Built In Backup Camera Screen
    • Vintage Air A/C System
    • Backup Camera
    • Restored Ford Frame
    • 4 Wheel Wilwood Disc Brakes
    • Hydroboost Assisted Braking
    • 2.5” Suspension Lift
    • 1" Body Lift
    • Dana 44 Front Axle
    • Ford 9” Rear Axle
    • Velocity Exclusive Aluminum Fuel Tank
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