1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_2 Drivers Side
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_3 Drivers Side Front 3.4
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_4 Drivers Side Front
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_5 Front
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_6 Passenger Side Front
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_7 Passenger Side Front  3.4
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_8 Passenger Side
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_9 Passenger Side Rear 3
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_10 Passenger Side Rear
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_11 Rear Tailgate
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_12Driver Side Rear
1976 Boxwood Green Ford Bronco_13 Driver Side Rear 3.4

1971 Classic Ford Bronco

Signature Series

Experience the perfect blend of classic style and modern power with this Classic Ford Bronco.


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Ignite your passion with this 1971 Bronco reborn by Velocity. Every aspect has been given new life, starting with the Velocity Exclusive Frame that accommodates an all-new powertrain. Modern performance takes center stage in this build, featuring a powerhouse 460+ hp Gen III Ford Coyote 5.0L crate engine paired with an AOD transmission. This dynamic duo propels the BFG All-Terrain T/As, which find their grip on a new Dana 44 front axle and Ford 9-inch rear axle.

The timeless style of this Bronco is beautifully enhanced by a captivating Custom Boxwood Green paint job. Molded fender flares not only elevate the aesthetic appeal but also provide increased suspension travel for an exhilarating off-road experience. As expected, all-new lighting, including JW Speaker LED headlights, along with fresh glass and weather seals, adorn this masterpiece.

Inside the cabin, discover the luxurious comforts that were never part of the Bronco’s original factory design. Velocity Exclusive high-back front seats and a convenient fold-and-tumble bench are elegantly wrapped in marine-grade vinyl, complementing the dash pad and door cards. Seamlessly integrated modern technology includes digital gauges, an Alpine BT head unit, and refreshing Vintage Air A/C. Our meticulously crafted all-weather floor mats proudly proclaim the attention to detail that went into this remarkable build.

At every angle, function meets form in perfect harmony. Precision braking is achieved with Wilwood disc brakes expertly placed at all four corners, while sleek power steps add both practicality and style. It’s evident that when it comes to exceptional craftsmanship, Velocity reigns supreme.

Discover the Velocity Classic Ford Bronco Signature Series

Vehicle Overview

Color Boxwood Green
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 25
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 26
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 13
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 16
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 15
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 17
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 18
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 19
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 20
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 21
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 22
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 23
1971 Classic Ford Bronco_Interior 24


    • JW Speaker LED Headlights
    • Power Windows
    • New Glass and Weather Seals
    • 17” Alloy Wheels
    • 285/70R17 BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Tires
    • Velocity 4-Point Roll Cage & Bikini Top
    • Chrome Accessories
    • Synchronized Dual Wipers
    • Chrome Mirrors
    • Power Steps
    • Raptor Liner Undercarriage and Floor
    • Custom Glasurit Paint
    • Chrome OEM Bumpers
    • Ford Coyote Gen III 5.0L V8 Engine
    • 10R80 Automatic Overdrive Transmission
    • Velocity Exclusive Serpentine System
    • Velocity Custom Performance Exhaust
    • Restored Original Ford Bronco Chassis
    • Velocity Exclusive Aluminum Fuel Tank
    • Dana 44 Front Axle
    • Ford 9” Rear Axle
    • Wilwood Disc Brakes
    • Hydroboost Assisted Braking
    • Bilstein Custom Shocks
    • 2.5” Suspension Lift
    • Classic Stitch
    • Velocity Custom High Back Front Seats with Rear Fold and Tumble
    • Velocity Custom All-Weather Floor Mats
    • 15” Classic Wood Steering Wheel
    • Velocity Exclusive Dakota Digital Gauge
    • Premium Bluetooth Digital Head Unit
    • FOCAL Audio Speakers and Subwoofer+
    • Vintage Air A/C System
    • Ididit Tilt Steering Column
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