1972_Turqouise_0008_Driver Side Profile
1972_Turqouise_0009_Driver Side Front QTR
1972_Turqouise_0010_Driver Side Front
1972_Turqouise_0011_Front Grille
1972_Turqouise_0000_Passenger Side Front
1972_Turqouise_0001_Passenger Side Front QTR
1972_Turqouise_0002_Passenger Side Profile
1972_Turqouise_0003_Passenger Side Rear QTR
1972_Turqouise_0004_Passenger Side Rear
1972_Turqouise_0005_Rear Tailgate
1972_Turqouise_0006_Driver Side Rear
1972_Turqouise_0007_Driver Side Rear QTR

1972 Classic Ford Bronco

Signature Series

This extraordinary 1972 Bronco is a true standout, adorned in a captivating Frosted Turquoise exterior with molded flares that command attention wherever it roams.


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Undergoing an exacting frame-off restoration, it now boasts a brand-new 5.0L Coyote V8 engine, complemented by new Dana 44 front and Ford 9-inch rear differentials. Hydroboost-assisted Wilwood disc brakes grace all corners, ensuring impeccable stopping power. Prepare to be enthralled by the commanding growl of the Velocity Custom exhaust and headers, injecting an exhilarating element that the factory never envisioned. For your off-road excursions, take confidence in our 6-point roll cage with frame tie-ins, offering enhanced safety and stability.

Modern enhancements elevate the driving experience, including state-of-the-art JW Speaker LED headlights and an Ididit tilt column for added convenience. However, it’s not solely about aesthetics – the Velocity Exclusive interior envelops you in opulent Walnut marine-grade vinyl, delivering a harmonious blend of style and comfort. The BT head unit and Alpine subwoofer provide the perfect soundtrack for any adventure, while a built-in backup camera in the rearview mirror ensures effortless reversing. Regardless of weather conditions, the Vintage Air A/C heater system guarantees your comfort.

This exceptional vehicle also showcases Velocity Exclusive Billet components, enriching both tactile feel and visual appeal throughout the Bronco’s frequent touchpoints. Experience the flawless fusion of classic style and modern performance with the Velocity Signature Series Classic Ford Bronco.

Discover the Velocity Classic Ford Bronco Signature Series

Vehicle Overview

Color Frost Turquoise
Trim Signature Series
Interior Walnut Double Diamond
Engine Gen II 5.0L Ford Coyote V8
Transmission 4-Speed Automatic Transmission
Chassis Restored Ford Frame
1972_Turqouise_0012_Custom Driver Interior
1972_Turqouise_0015_Custom Dashboard
1972_Turqouise_0017_Custom Centre Console
1972_Turqouise_0019_Custom Passenger Interior
1972_Turqouise_0018_Window Controls
1972_Turqouise_0013_Driver Seat Detail
1972_Turqouise_0022_Shift Boot
1972_Turqouise_0021_Passenger Seat Detail 2
1972_Turqouise_0020_Passenger Seat Detail
1972_Turqouise_0023_Twin Stick Shifter
1972_Turqouise_0024_Stereo And AC
1972_Turqouise_0025_Headlight Switch
1972_Turqouise_0026_Driver Door
1972_Turqouise_0027_Custom Rear Seats
1972_Turqouise_0028_Front Grille
1972_Turqouise_0030_Side Badge
1972_Turqouise_0029_Left Headlight
1972_Turqouise_0031_Custom Door Locks
1972_Turqouise_0033_Velocity Badge
1972_Turqouise_0034_Engine View 1
1972_Turqouise_0035_Engine View 2
1972_Turqouise_0036_Engine View 3


    • JW Speaker LED Headlights
    • Manual Crank Windows
    • New Glass and Weather Seals
    • 17” Alloy Wheels
    • 285/70R17 BFGoodrich T/A KO2 Tires
    • Velocity 6-Point Family Roll Cage & Safari Top
    • Chrome Accessories
    • Synchronized Dual Wipers
    • Chrome Mirrors
    • Power Steps
    • Raptor Liner Undercarriage and Floor
    • Custom Glasurit Paint
    • Chrome OEM Bumpers
    • Ford Coyote Gen II 5.0L V8 Engine
    • 4R70 Automatic Overdrive Transmission
    • Velocity Exclusive Serpentine System
    • Velocity Custom Performance Exhaust
    • Restored Original Ford Bronco Chassis
    • Velocity Exclusive Aluminum Fuel Tank
    • Dana 44 Front Axle
    • Ford 9” Rear Axle
    • Wilwood Disc Brakes
    • Hydroboost Assisted Braking
    • Bilstein Custom Shocks
    • 2.5” Suspension Lift
    • Arabian
    • Double Diamond
    • Velocity Interior Billet Package
    • Heated Seats
    • Reversing Camera
    • Infotainment Upgrade
    • Velocity Custom High Back Front Seats with Rear Fold and Tumble
    • Velocity Custom All-Weather Floor Mats
    • 15” Classic Wood Steering Wheel
    • Velocity Exclusive Dakota Digital Gauge
    • Touchscreen Stereo with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
    • Kicker Audio Speakers and Alpine Subwoofer
    • Vintage Air A/C System
    • Ididit Tilt Steering Column
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