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Signature Series Mustang


Starting at $329,900

Unveiling the ultimate in classic car luxury and performance: Velocity’s new Convertible Package for the Signature Series Mustang.

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Effortlessly blurring the lines between

Classic and Modern

The new Velocity Signature Series Ford Mustang Convertible Package lets owners experience the joys of open-air driving, similar to Velocity’s Bronco and K5 Blazer builds. The top utilizes the original design of a late ‘60s Mustang convertible with new electric motors and hydraulics for hassle-free opening and closing.

Modern CONVENIENCE with Classic Style

While maintaining the iconic look of the vintage Ford Mustang, our interior offers modern conveniences such as updated electronics and enhanced comfort features. This perfect blend of old and new makes driving our classic Ford Mustang convertible a truly enjoyable experience.

Our Signature Series Interior is a hallmark of elegance and craftsmanship. Featuring premium leather options in Brown, Tan, Black, and Cream, each interior is tailored to provide an unparalleled driving experience. The combination of classic design and modern materials creates a unique blend that sets our vintage Ford Mustang apart.

Vintage looks with a modern twist

The Velocity Signature Mustang convertible seamlessly blends timeless design with modern innovation. Our restored Ford Mustangs capture the essence of the vintage era while providing the reliability and convenience of today’s technology.

Authentic Convertible Top
Experience the nostalgia of a classic with our convertible top, designed to match the original specifications. The top operates smoothly with a new electric motor and advanced hydraulics, ensuring effortless transitions from open to closed.

What Velocity Owner Say

With nearly 500 vehicles delivered and 100+
5-star google reviews, nobody does it like Velocity.

“Velocity interviews Matt Kraugh, a classic car enthusiast, who shares his firsthand experience with the exceptional builds of the Velocity Signature Series Bronco and the award-winning Velocity Ford F-250 truck.”

Matt Kraugh 1970 Classic Ford F-250

1970 Classic Ford F-250
View build

“My experience with Velocity and their team of professionals has been nothing but 1st class. The facility is unbelievably impressive.  It’s worth the trip, you will be glad you did!  Extra thanks to Devin, Tom, and Karen. PS- My wife drives the Bronco way more than I so that says all you need to know”

Brandon Biles 1973 Classic Ford Bronco

1973 Classic Ford Bronco
View build

“I highly recommend these guys at Velocity. Their quality and attention to detail are unmatched versus anything else I’ve seen. They’ve listened to me at every stage of the process and have done an outstanding job of keeping me updated throughout. I couldn’t recommend these guys any higher.”

Michael Parker 1970 Classic K5 Blazer

1970 Classic K5 Blazer
View build

“My experience with Velocity was extremely positive.  Jared stayed in touch with me regularly and reviewed all the options thoroughly with me and Velocity delivered a beautiful, super high-quality car with each and every one of them.

It is a really fun truck to drive and I am enjoying it a lot!”

Ben Adner 1972 Classic Ford Bronco

1972 Classic Ford Bronco
View build

“It’s. Just. Fun.”

The Turner Family 1977 Classic Ford Bronco

1977 Classic Ford Bronco
View build

“Love my truck !!!! so much fun !!!!
Jared has been amazing through the whole process. He is always available and very helpful.”

Drew Wolf 1969 Classic Ford Bronco

1969 Classic Ford Bronco
View build

“I had a great experience of designing my 1967 Bronco and watching my dream Bronco being built through the 14 week process.  This was a great experience, full of clear details, multiple photos each week and a precise workmanship on every part of the build.  The END RESULT…..jaw dropping!!!!”

Alyson Wilson 1967 Classic Ford Bronco

1967 Classic Ford Bronco
View build

“Rock and Roll team. Super fantastic truck and experience!! My wife is over the moon excited about her new ride!!”

The Smiths 1973 Classic Ford Bronco

1973 Classic Ford Bronco
View build

“I cannot say enough great things about velocity. These guys are pure professionals and their product is beyond compare. I have been fortunate enough to have purchased many custom made vehicles over the years, and nothing comes even close to the bronco that they build.”

Gary Turchin 1968 Classic Ford Bronco

1968 Classic Ford Bronco

Velocity isn’t just our name—
It’s our promise.

Discover the epitome of automotive craftsmanship with our restored classic vehicles for sale at Velocity Restorations. Each vehicle in our collection is a testament to timeless elegance and superior engineering, meticulously revived to captivate enthusiasts and collectors alike. Explore our inventory today and find your dream ride.

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