A 10 Step Guide to Buying a Classic Bronco

A 10 Step Guide to Buying a Classic Bronco

Buying any classic vehicle can be a challenging process but with a bit of know-how and some solid information, you’ll be able to find the classic Ford Bronco of your dreams.

In a world full of imitators, the classic Ford Bronco has retained its position as one of the most desirable vintage vehicles on the planet.

From its instantly recognizable silhouette to the iconic headlights and grill; a vintage Ford Bronco simply oozes grit, charm, and personality that seems to transcend generations of fans. In a world where everything just moves so damn fast, the classic Ford Bronco really forces you to slow down, take notice of what’s around you, and put your own two hands on the wheel. There’s no machine learning here. No automation, selfie mode, or “Like” button. No, owning a classic Ford Bronco is all about you, your friends and family, and the road ahead.

Hardtop rangerVelocity Signature 1969 Classic Ford Bronco - Ranger Edition

If you’re looking to put one of these classics in your garage, we don’t blame you! Buying any classic vehicle can be a challenging process but with a bit of know-how and some solid information, you’ll be able to find the classic Ford Bronco of your dreams.

We’re going to break it all down and cover this complicated process in 10, easy to follow, steps:

  1. Budget, Budget, Budget
  2. Investment vs. Enjoyment
  3. How Will You Use It
  4. Know Your Generations
  5. Factory Restored or Resto-Mod?
  6. Contracted Builds vs. Complete Builds
  7. Tracking Down A Bucking Bronco
  8. Choosing A Builder
  9. Managing Expectations
  10. Protecting Your New Ride

At the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear path forward to buying the vintage Ford Bronco of your dreams. Ready to get behind the wheel? Let’s hit the road!

1. Budget, Budget, Budget

Since this is likely to be one of the largest purchases you’ll make, we need to talk some dollars and cents first. With that in mind, the very first step in buying a classic Ford Bronco is to set a reasonable budget. The classic car market changes at a rapid-fire pace, but in general, it’s seen quite a bit of appreciation over the last several years. Classic Ford Broncos are extremely desirable vehicles that are valued accordingly and even vehicles with major issues or in poor condition can easily reach $50k+. Expect to pay double or more for a properly restored Bronco that will bring you years of enjoyment.

Set that budget and make sure you leave yourself plenty of room for the vehicle you actually want!

2. Investment vs. Enjoyment

In the last 5 years or so, many people have purchased vintage vehicles solely as investments. This growth in the classic car market has led many to believe that investing in a classic vehicle is a sure-fire way to earn some cash over the long run, which is not exactly true.  When compared to the modern luxury car or supercar market, purchasing a classic vehicle is a much more sound investment but, like any investment, a return is never completely guaranteed. Even the most outrageous supercars or ultra-luxury cars in the world will depreciate rather quickly!

Instead of looking at the vehicle as an investment, we recommend getting a timelessly styled, modern equipped classic that you’ll want to drive today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

There are plenty of ways to invest your money, your passion for classic vehicles shouldn’t be one of them.

Black Velocity Classic BroncoVelocity Signature 1973 Classic Ford Bronco - Midnight Edition

3. How Will YOU Use Your Early Ford Bronco?

This is the first step of many in deciding what you want your classic Bronco to do for you by rolling through a series of questions:

  • Are you going to use this as a daily driver?
  • What kind of driver are you?
  • Will you use it seasonally?
  • How many people will you carry in your new - old classic?

Whether you’re an aggressive driver who’s looking to feel each and every ounce of horsepower through your bones or a casual driver that just loves to cruise; each and every need has a specific set of requirements that you either need to find in a fully restored Bronco or convey to a restoration specialist like Velocity. For example, if you plan to drive your Bronco regularly, advanced technology and a quieter cabin may be desired. On the flip side, if you only use your Bronco in the summer months, and plan to roll with the top off most of the time, those 2 requirements could go completely out the window.

Will you take your classic restomod to the beach? Will you take your classic Bronco to the beach?

This is your classic Bronco, be picky, and get what you want from the build!

4. Know Your Generations

Now that you have a good idea of how much you want to spend, and what you want your Bronco to do, now you can start digging into the various generations of classic Bronco.

There are 5 generations of Bronco to choose from, not including the brand new variant that Ford is in the process of releasing:

  • 1966-1977 – Generation I (The ‘Early Bronco’)
  • 1978-1979 – Generation II
  • 1980-1986 – Generation III
  • 1987-1991 – Generation IV
  • 1992-1996 – Generation V

By far, the most desirable generation of Bronco’s is known as the “Early Broncos” which enjoyed a super long run of 11 years. Over those years, there was a shocking variety of trims and body types such as wagon style, half-cab, and roadster. Subsequent generations of Bronco were progressively larger and more refined due to their development alongside Ford’s F-150 lineup.

Builders like Velocity have an incredibly comprehensive Early Bronco restoration process, but they also never shy away from working on any of the Bronco generations.

They’re all incredible in their own way and we love to work on all of them!

5. Factory Restored or Resto-Mod?

Once you settle on a classic Bronco generation, you can focus on whether or not you want to roll down the road in a meticulously factory restored classic that is a dead-ringer for the original that rolled off the showroom floor or a custom engineered creation that fuses old school charm, with new school tech. This amalgamation of old and new is known as a Resto-mod and it allows builders like Velocity to provide their clients with vehicles that offer modern driving dynamics, with an unbelievable amount of cool factor that can only come from the bones of a classic.

No matter which way you decide to go with your Bronco, teaming with the right builder will key.

6. Contracted Builds vs. Complete Builds

There are two distinct ways to go about procuring the classic Bronco of your dreams. You can either have the fun of tracking down your ideal Bronco and then teaming up with a builder to finalize your vision or you can buy a completed build from a top builder like Velocity. There’s no real wrong or right way here, it just depends on how hands-on you want the process to be and how custom you want your ride to be! There’s an incredible amount of joy in tracking down the right vehicle and putting your personal stamp on your ride but there’s also nothing like the convenience of picking up a vehicle that’s already been built out by the pros.

Silver Half Cab Classic BroncoVelocity Custom 1967 Classic Ford Bronco

7. Tracking Down A Bucking Bronco

If you’re looking to track down and have a professional builder complete your build, you’ll need to get savvy with all the resources available to you. Looking for a classic Bronco today is easier than ever with a huge variety of websites available that are specially geared towards older, non - restored vehicles and completely restored classics.

  • eBay Motors
  • Hemmings
  • Myclassicgarage.com
  • Craigslist
  • Classiccars.com
  • Bronco Forums
  • Local Classifieds
  • Car Shows

This chassis is begging to be restored by Velocity Restorations. Donor classic Ford Bronco
You’ll want to have a conversation with a reputable builder, like Velocity Modern Classics, prior to looking for a vehicle. This will help you avoid buying a poor example and also allow you to make sure you meet your overall budget expectations (vehicle + transport + customization). We’ll cover what to look for when tracking down a classic Ford Bronco in a later blog.

Enjoy the hunt! This is one of the coolest parts of the classic car process!

8. Choosing A Classic Ford Bronco Builder

There’s a ton of builders out there who work on all sorts of vehicles for their clients but few have as much experience with vintage Ford Broncos as Velocity. Period. Taking a classic Ford Bronco and turning it into a modern performance machine with luxury touches is no easy task and it takes a passionate group of mechanical masters to even get close to achieving Bronco nirvana. Remember, it’s not just about what works today. It’s about what will keep working when you pass this vehicle down to your family years from now. This is where a quality builder instantly separates themselves from the rest of the pack.

This is not somewhere you want to save a few bucks here or there - the right builder today will save you time and hassle in the long run.

9. Managing Expectations

Whether you’re restoring a classic Bronco to factory specifications or building out a custom monster; it is simply not a quick process. A quality builder will take their time properly procuring the parts, custom fabricating components, testing and re-testing, and making sure every screw, stitch, and drop of paint is perfect. We know you’re excited to get behind the wheel of your classic Bronco but let the experts do what they need to do here. If you plan on buying a vehicle already complete from a builder, you should also expect there to be some delay in availability and timeline.

At Velocity, we do things the right way, not the quick way so trust us, it’s absolutely worth the wait!

1974 Velocity Modern Classic Ford BroncoVelocity Signature Series Classic Ford Bronco

10. Protecting Your New Ride

Once the classic Bronco has been delivered to you, you still need to take one more crucial step; making sure that your new ride is properly protected. We can’t stress enough how important it is to personally contact your insurance carrier and get coverage that suits your new classic Bronco properly. Classic vehicles fall under different requirements than standard vehicles and your insurance policy may not be set up to cover a custom, one-of-a-kind rig like a Velocity Classic Bronco. Take the extra step and have a thorough conversation with your insurance agent.

We don’t want to think the worst will happen - but if it does, you want to make sure you’re covered!

The Classic Bronco Experts

Velocity Restoration is the leading builder of classic Broncos in the country. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the hunt and commission a Bronco you’ve purchased, or take home one of our completely unique builds that are ready to roll; if you want the best, then you want Velocity. We love Breathing New Life ™ into classic Broncos and producing one-of-a-kind trucks that are as unique as the people that buy them. Some artists create art with brushes and canvas, we create art with metal and gasoline. From our exemplary customer service that’s solely focused on you, to our one-of-a-kind production process; there is simply nothing like a Velocity Bronco.

Velocity Signature Series Classic Ford Broncos

When setting out to create the Velocity Signature Ford Bronco, our goal was to create a series of vehicles that has deep roots in the past, yet brings a high level of modern sophistication and performance. Our Signature Series goes well beyond a traditional restoration by combining a bespoke level of luxury, with purposeful engineering and technology that was only a figment of the imagination when the classic Bronco roamed the streets of America.

Starting at $239,900 (at the time of writing), these creations are unique to Velocity and represent countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears from some of the finest craftspeople in the industry. A team that is hell-bent on building the absolute finest Bronco’s available in the world today, customized to the exact desires of our customers.

Are you ready to get behind the wheel or learn more about the Velocity difference? Contact us today!

View our current inventory of Classic Broncos

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