A New Home For Modern Classics

A New Home For Modern Classics

Never happy settling for “good enough”, the Velocity team is proud to announce an all-new facility for 2022 that matches our ambition for creating the finest, most unique Modern Classics in the world.

To build world-class vehicles, you need a facility that’s equally world-class.

Over ten years ago, we set about building a company that blends the nostalgia, grit, and passion from our automotive past with technology and performance that looks towards the future. This passion for creating Modern Classics from old Ford Bronco’s, unloved International Scouts, and all manner of classic automotive iron has allowed us to stake our name as one of the finest builders in our great country.

As we refined our processes, zeroed in on our mission, and hired the most talented professionals in the industry; the Velocity team soon realized that our original shop and space were simply not going to cut it. 22,000 square feet of space may sound like enough, but when there are dozens of vehicles, and workers crowding in; both space and sanity was always at a premium.

Never happy settling for “good enough”, the Velocity team is proud to announce an all-new facility for 2022 that matches our ambition for creating the finest, most unique Modern Classics in the world. Not only have we majorly upgraded our square footage, but we’ve added on additional capabilities that cement Velocity as a preeminent builder in the United States.

Let’s take a deep dive into the new 135,000 square foot Velocity campus to learn just how much has changed.

From Concept to Reality

Every Velocity-built Modern Classic goes on an incredible journey from concept to completion.

Clients who are looking to rekindle a flame from their past come to us from all over the country looking for the perfect Modern Classic. Some already have a donor vehicle for us to build off and are looking for a complete custom, while others are interested in going with one of our turnkey Signature Builds. Whatever the situation, our in-house team of Customer Service Experts helps clients determine their needs, budget, and expectations. The build means nothing if we don’t get these initial steps right, and here we really sweat the details.

For our Custom Vehicles once the plan is in place, our in-house concept artist puts dreams to reality and creates a stunning rendering of the final product. Here, clients can not see their vision but continue to refine the design down to the finest details. It’s these custom details that truly mark the difference between a traditional restoration and a Velocity Modern Classic.

Once a concept has been finalized, it’s time to move the product from concept to reality.Windows 01

State of the Art Production

At Velocity, we don’t just restore classic vehicles, we build Modern Classics.

To accomplish this challenging task, our 95 employees (growing every month) take classic vehicles like Ford Broncos, International Scouts, Ford F-Series, and everything in between through a comprehensive production line that matches the exact details agreed upon between our clients and our design team.

Let’s talk more about each step in this comprehensive process.

Intake and holding

This is where everything begins.

Our Signature Series donor vehicles come from all over the country and the condition can vary widely from a total barn find, to a vehicle that definitely needs a little more love and care. Since it’s not easy to tell the true condition of a classic Bronco through visual inspection alone, Velocity takes the extra step of tearing every vintage Bronco down to the chassis for a full inspection. Once the condition is assessed, all applicable repairs are made to the chassis, which can include tasks such as frame repair from damage or rust. After the complete condition of the vehicle is assessed and major repairs are completed, every Signature Series Bronco receives a detailed plan to get it up to the standards we expect at Velocity.

Each Velocity Signature Series Bronco comes in with a unique set of challenges, but our multi-step process ensures that regardless of condition, the final product is consistent and of the utmost quality.

Metal Shop

Our in-house metal fabricators are some of the finest in the country and can add nearly any metal structure to a vehicle. Whether it be a custom roll cage or a unique rolled bumper; our metal fabrication experts can make nearly anything happen for our customers with our state-of-the-art machines from top names in the industry such as Haas Automation.Metal Shop

Powder Coating

By taking the extra step to powder coat crucial components on our builds, Velocity ensures that our vehicle stays on the road for the long haul. Not only does powder coating look great, but it adds a level of durability, abrasion resistance, and corrosion resistance to crucial parts of our Modern Classic vehicles.

Properly running a powder coating line requires a high level of skill, commitment, and crucial space that can often be at a premium. To be the best, you need to have the best equipment and being able to powder coat in house is extremely unique in the world of vehicle restoration.

Body Shop & Paint

This is where things start to look sharp.

Prepping and painting a classic vehicle is one of the most challenging things to get right on a build. Our body shop experts need to ensure the perfection of every single body panel of our Modern Classics prior to applying that perfect shade of paint. This takes some serious skill, but our team is more than up to the task.

Body Shop 01To ensure the paint and body process is done right, we keep all of this work in-house with the help of two GFS paint booths, utilizing ultra high-quality Glasurit paint. These paint booths are state of the art, fully automated system that apply a consistently beautiful paint job that is on par with the best manufacturers in the automotive industry. To maintain consistency and quality, the entire process takes place in a climate controlled environment and under the watchful eye of skilled craftsman.

Assembly Line

After paint and body, it’s time to start putting it all together on one of our two state-of-the-art assembly lines. Our two lines are dedicated to our Ford envisioned, Velocity Signature Bronco builds. We do this to achieve a better final product and to maintain peak efficiency throughout the build process.

Parts from some of the best manufacturers in the world such as Ford Performance, Wilwood, Ididit, and JW Speaker come together on our Signature Series Modern Classic builds. In addition, Velocity also includes custom manufactured parts that are created and fabricated in-house. Yes, our team of craftsmen not only builds the finest classic vehicles on the road but also creates some of the finest parts for classic vehicles that are available on the market today.

From beautiful and durable serpentine belt systems to mellifluous custom exhausts that perfectly fit the character of our Modern Classics; the Velocity difference goes deep into our vehicle’s DNA.Line 01

Custom Builds

We’ve dedicated an entire section of our 135,000 square foot facility to unique custom builds that are completely bespoke to a unique client. From DeLoreans to FJ cruisers; our team of passionate builders is almost limitless in their ability to create the most stunning classic vehicles on the road.

If you have a vehicle and vision; we can make it happen.Classic Bronco on Dyno

Test and Tune

Part of what makes Velocity unique is their commitment to offering a final product that is on par with the finest OEM vehicles in the world.

To achieve this goal, every build we complete goes through a comprehensive testing and tuning process that allows our in-house teams to finally tune the driving characteristics of each individual vehicle. This includes placing every single vehicle on a dynamometer to ensure optimal power delivery and optimized horsepower. Every single vehicle that rolls off of our production line is also test driven for 500 miles to ensure that no issues are present.

This level of quality control is unheard of in the vehicle restoration industry, so we set the standard.

2022 & Beyond

Creating the finest Modern Classics in the world requires a level of commitment, grit, and creativity that is exceedingly rare in the automotive world.

The Velocity team has taken the concept of classic vehicles and completely turned it on its head. These are not classic vehicles that are held together with elbow grease and well wishes; they’re fully functioning, long-term purchases that can provide years and years of enjoyment to generations of families.

In the coming year, we plan to increase our employee count with more skilled builders and continue to ramp up the production of our incredible Modern Classics. Despite all the worldwide challenges of the last 2 years, we’ve continued to achieve greatness and grow due to our passion for doing things the right way.

2022 is going to be an incredible year and we can’t wait to take you along for the ride!

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