Dark & Stormy: Midnight Edition Ford Bronco by Velocity

Dark & Stormy: Midnight Edition Ford Bronco by Velocity

Modern blacked-out looks and stunning performance, with all the energy and attitude of a vintage Bronco. This is a Velocity Modern Classic.

A key part of who we are as human beings is our innate desire to stand out from the crowd. From our shoes to our hairstyle, everything about what we put out to the world gives other people a glimpse at who we really are. What matters to us.

One of the most common ways we show off our unique sense of style and purpose is with what we put in our driveway. Unfortunately, vehicles are interwoven into our daily life so intricately that many have become more appliances than statement pieces. Despite the automotive industry’s moves towards more and more practical vehicles, intrepid automotive enthusiasts and builders have been showing off the power of design for decades.

Take our stunning Midnight Edition Classic Bronco by Velocity, for example. We kept everything that makes the vintage Bronco great and added a sense of sinister style that gets stares wherever it rolls.

So, where did America get its love for custom vehicles? Read on to learn more.

Custom Vehicles + Hollywood = Magic

1933_Duesenberg_ModelJN-0-10241933 Duesenberg JN - Credit
If you want to trace back the energy source for vehicles like our Midnight Edition Classic Ford Bronco, you need to roll back the clock to Hollywood’s golden era.

Today, trends are driven by influencers on social media, but influencers are not a new concept at all. Film allowed the general public to put a face to a name on a grand scale, and the Hollywood elite, like Clark Gable, were not only adored by fans but copied as well. From fashion to hairstyles, Hollywood drove what was cool, and hip for the era.

Even though the automobile had been around in mass since the early 1900s, most people drove ultra-basic, transportation - only machines that leaked any real sense of style. Ah, but for Hollywood’s rich and famous, the story was much different.

Not only could they afford to buy the finest vehicles in the world, but they could afford to customize them. Take Clark Gable’s 1935 Dusenberg JN (pictured above). This wasn’t just any Dusie, but a completely bespoke, one-off version of an already expensive vehicle. It was almost as famous as Clark Gable, thanks to the photos in the newspaper of him and Carol Lombard scandalously rolling around Hollywood with the top down. This was a vehicle of the finest caliber and it set the bar very high.

Custom Cars For Normal Folks

1930 Ford Hot Rod1930 Ford Hot Rod - Credit
Hot Rodding /Custom Vehicles began way back when the Model A was being sold in droves by Ford, but the depression effectively put a stop to things for a few years.

Around 1935, the world started to recover and throngs of enthusiasts began to pick up old Fords and customize them for looks and performance. Unlike the fine coachbuilders that served Hollywood, these were homegrown efforts that made garages into palaces. World War II put another halt to the progress of hot rods and custom cars, but once GIs rolled back to America, they put their engineering and mechanical training learned in the military to good use by customizing their own vehicles in their own driveways. Custom vehicles we’re not going away.

Post War World II America was quickly expanding West and throngs of new vehicle owners were suddenly in possession of machines that were capable of not only running to the store but stirring the soul. By the time America rolled into the swinging 60s, American car manufacturers were ready to cash in on Americans’ desire for unique, custom rides.

Special Edition Broncos Change The Game

1966 Baja Bronco1966 Baja Bronco - Credit
When Ford debuted the classic Bronco in 1966, they had no idea that they had landed on a magic formula.

From the very beginning, classic Ford Bronco owners loved to customize their Broncos. To make it easy, Ford offered several body styles, multiple paint colors, and a whole host of options that made the Bronco as good as running up the trail and as it did working down on the farm.

Off-road racing pioneers like Bill Stroppe started buying the Bronco almost immediately with the intention of running this new tough truck in events like the brutal Baja 1000. Sure, these things were far from stock, but they did something that had never been done before: they inspired special editions.

Bill Stroppe's Baja BroncoBill Stroppe’s Baja Bronco - Credit
Ford realized the magic of the customized formula early on when their Baja Broncos were garnering plenty of interest from enthusiasts and dealers all over the nation. There was unique two-toned paint with a Wimbledon White roof, with special interior color schemes, and these things only came with a 302 V8. Stroppe Broncos also offered a special exhaust, custom off-road suspension and so much more. Suddenly, normal buyers could have a vehicle that offered a special sense of style and purpose right from Ford and the idea stuck. Big time.

Over the next thirty years, the classic Bronco would have many special editions, such as the luxury-focused Ranger edition Ford Bronco. Here Ford took the most luxurious (at least by 1972 SUV standards) features of the classic Bronco and added in a standard hardtop and unique paint schemes with a two-tone look. Eventually, the special edition Ranger turned into a full-fledged trim for the classic Bronco and would morph into the ultra-luxurious Eddie Bauer Edition in the 1980s.

1985 Bronco Eddie Bauer1985 Bronco Eddie Bauer Edition
Although they may seem like a modern vehicle design option, dark-appearance packages are nothing new to the Bronco lineup. In fact, in the early 1990s, the ill-fated 4th Generation Bronco offered an extremely rare Nite Edition that included black paint, black bumpers, and even a black grill. It was offset with some very 1990’s accent striping, and since only 383 were made, it’s quite rare to find one in good condition.

Classic Ford Bronco Midnight Edition by Velocity

To help further our mission of offering the finest classic Broncos in the world, Velocity is proud to offer our own unique Special Edition Bronco: the Classic Ford Bronco Midnight Edition by Velocity.

Instead of the traditional chrome accents, bumpers and trim pieces that adorn the traditional Velocity Signature Series Bronco, the Midnight Edition brings a blacked-out, sexy look that appears both sinister and beautiful. Although you can go for a fully black exterior to really bring that tough, menacing look, there are plenty of Glasturit paint options that set up beautifully against the black accents. In total, there are over 60 blacked-out pieces on the Midnight Edition Bronco by Velocity, including all-black Method racing wheels. If you think this epic creation looks good on a screen, just wait till you see one in person.

1975 Velocity Classic Ford Bronco Midnight EditionVelocity 1975 Classic Ford Bronco Midnight Package
Just like all Velocity’s Broncos, the Midnight Edition rolls on a meticulously reconditioned Ford Bronco Chassis that includes a set of new axles and a set of powerful Wilwood brakes. We’re talking a Dana 44 front axle, a Ford 9” rear axle along with one of the finest braking systems on the market. These components are the best in the business and they provide reliable, durable performance for the long haul. 33-inch tires ride just right on the blacked-out method wheels, especially when combined with the 2.5-inch suspension lift. The look is imposing, powerful, and distinctly high-end.

1974 Velocity Early Ford Bronco V8 Coyote EngineThe Midnight Edition by Velocity brings some serious firepower under the hood thanks to a 5.0-liter Gen II Ford Coyote V8 that’s cranking out 430+ horsepower. Every Bronco that rolls off our assembly line is tuned by engineers to ensure that power delivery is both smooth and punchy at the same time. Thanks to a Velocity-exclusive exhaust, and the howling Coyote V8, the Midnight Edition Bronco sounds as mean as it looks. This is unparalleled performance that is on par with modern vehicles, while still having that classic Bronco look.

1973 Velocity Classic Ford Bronco driver side interiorInside, the Midnight Edition continues to impress with blacked-out components like heater knobs, door lock pulls, window cranks, and more. Yacht-grade vinyl looks and feels incredible, and provides long-term durability to help keep your Bronco Midnight Edition looking good for years to come. There’s even a modern air-conditioning unit, digital gauges, and a modern stereo head unit complete with Bluetooth. This is craftsmanship that transports both you and your passengers to another era when things were built with a dedication to quality and design.

Modern blacked-out looks and stunning performance, with all the energy and attitude of a vintage Bronco. This is a Velocity Modern Classic.

To learn more about our Signature Series Vehicles or to reserve one, please contact us today.

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