Early Ford Bronco Restoration: What’s Old is New Again

Early Ford Bronco Restoration: What’s Old is New Again

At their core, these machines are still the rip-roaring, wind in the hair machines they were back in their heyday but they’ve been completely reimagined to fit right into the 21st century.

The power of nostalgia is deep and effective. We love to drift off to previous times, far away from the realities of pandemics, politics, life, bills, and every part of living that they never prepared us for when we were kids. In fact, there’s some real science behind the power of nostalgia and the things that we use to access those too often dormant parts of our souls. Those things that make us happy, those seemingly old things that feel like they’re brand new, all over again. It’s not a stretch to figure out why we long for objects that transport us to simpler times, after all, we tend to live insulated lives, wrapped in safety gear and regulations that are designed to keep us safe and alive but not necessarily happy or engaged. Does this early Ford Bronco restoration engage your power of nostalgia?

Ford BroncoFor those that live and breathe automobile culture, we’ve watched as the vast majority of our beloved cars and trucks have been whittled down into fuel-saving machines that are designed to take us to and from destinations with little regard for passion or happiness. Yet, there are blips of unbridled automotive passion that stick out in the crowded sea of sameness that rolls across our American roads. Builders, craftsmen, craftswomen, and gear heads alike (the names could really go on) who are dedicated to finding that spark of nostalgia and lighting off the fire with modern technology and materials.

The Power Of Emotion

At the core of every single human being, you’ll find a heaping pile of emotion. Yes, even the toughest men and women still deeply feel and long for connection to those around us. If any single event in our lifetime has defined just how much we need other people, it was the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Several scientific studies have proven that during social isolation, our brain’s emotional core works to find memories and feelings from the past that connect us to certain events and certain people. Yes, our lonely selves serve up memories about our connected selves. The human brain is truly an incredibly powerful thing.

Furthering this research, scientists found that concrete objects, like a classic 1972 Ford Bronco, serve as transitional objects that remind us of times where we’re more connected to our friends or family and times when we were just having fun. For those that love classic cars, we’re reminded of cruising down the street, just to drive. Going to drive-in movies, drive-in fast food, or maybe that first road trip. From the feeling of the metal beneath your fingers to the smell of an old carbureted engine turning over, these feelings strike powerful chords deep within our souls.

Old Feelings, New Technology

Not everything from the past makes sense in the modern world of today, in fact, to say that automotive technology has come a long way could be the absolute understatement of our lifetime. To create something with old bones that will work in today’s fast-paced world, you’ll need to find a unique balance of nostalgia and technology. Passionate builders like the team at Velocity understand this dance better than anyone and it has made them the premier builder of Early Ford Bronco Restorations, plus Scouts, and other classic cars in the country.

Take a good look at their projects and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Every single build has the look of something old with careful updates that do little to spoil the nostalgic experience while greatly enhancing the functionality, performance, safety, and most impressively the luxury of every single build they tackle. At their core, these machines are still the rip-roaring, wind in the hair machines they were back in their heyday but they’ve been completely reimagined to fit right into the 21st century.Exterior

A Ford Coyote Motor Under The Hood

What you see is an early Ford Bronco Restoration or Scout on the outside but what’s underneath that classic hood is another story. The masters at Velocity replace the soul of these old brutes with a brand new, high-performance heart that still provides that aural, visceral thrill of a classic while considerably improving the performance and driveability of the build. With modern engine options like Ford’s viscous Coyote motor or General Motors brutish LS3; these upgraded engine swaps are a far cry from the original, carbureted mills that were common for the day and provide a huge step up in power.

Part of what makes our formula so successful is the careful tuning that we put into every build that comes through our shop. Every single build is custom-tuned to ensure optimum driveability and smooth, effective distribution of power.

To complete the powertrain upgrades, we pair these modern engines with modern transmissions that offer smooth shifts and exemplary performance. This is part of the way that we further our mission of melding classic feelings with modern technology.

Rolling Down The Road with Mickey Thompson Wheels

One of the most unique ways that we put our stamp on our revived classics is by completely rebuilding the chassis from the frame on up. This approach is done on every build, and while not always necessary, it is a crucial part of creating a vehicle that has the modern structural integrity expected in a Velocity restoration. This process also allows our metalworking experts to integrate safety-focused items like roll bars while are part of the “old is new again” mentality that we’ve worked so hard to build. These vehicles are simply built to last.

From the shocks to the axles and the wheels; we leave no corner of the chassis untouched. We utilize the best products from the best brands like; Wilwood Brakes, Dana Axles, Mickey Thompson Wheels, and Bilstein Shocks. These modern components help us give our builds a thoroughly modern driving feel that is both high-performance and completely useable on a day-to-day basis. This is something that never could have never been achieved by any original classic vehicle. The technology simply did not exist.

Early Ford Bronco Restoration Interior That Transcends Time

Of all the areas where Velocity truly leaves the original in the dust, it has to be the modern interiors of our incredible builds. The interiors of our builds are completely unique to each and every vehicle. Each design approach, like this Early Ford Bronco Restoration, is carefully chosen to encompass the needs of our clients and the availability of modern technology. Each interior impresses by embracing the sharp angles and flat surfaces that define the originals but add in a defined sense of luxury and technology. Features and amenities that the originals never could have even dreamed of!

How about air-conditioning in a vehicle that comes from an era where it was only available on the most high-end of vehicles? Yes, we got that! Or stereos that offer touchscreens and high-powered amplifiers? Luxurious, hand-stitched seats and carpets? You bet, we got those too. The interiors of our creations not only incorporate high levels of technology but are assembled and finished in a way that would make modern production cars flat-out jealous. Our attention to detail is on full display here.Vehicle Interior

The Modern Early Ford Bronco Restoration Is Born

The team at Velocity is proud to produce vehicles like this Early Ford Bronco Restoration that simultaneously transport you back in time, while still offering a thoroughly modern driving experience. Every single component of our restorations is designed to coddle the driver and their passengers with modern performance and luxury that never gets in the way of the original, classic design. It’s this attention to detail, this attention to the moments that we remember best that truly sets Velocity apart from every other builder.

Once you get strapped into the seat of one of our builds, you’ll likely be flooded with emotion and joy. That’s exactly the way we want it and exactly why we do what we do, every day.

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