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Vintage Broncos Starting at $169,900

Restored Classic Ford Broncos

We have spent over a decade blending the classic style of the 1966-1977 Vintage Ford Bronco with the modern comfort, performance, and reliability of today. Every Classic Ford Bronco “Restoration” is hand-crafted with the highest quality parts and materials in the industry. We design, produce, and incorporate, in our “restoration”, an exclusive line of Custom Bronco parts that cannot be found in any other Classic Ford Bronco. We are passionate about our work, and it shows in every Vintage Bronco we deliver. Explore our modernized Classic Ford Broncos Restorations in the gallery below and call us at (850) 466-1810 to discuss your options! 


Discover old-school looks with the precision of modern performance and manufacturing. This Velocity- built ’69 Ford Bronco keeps the classic appearance of the old Bronco bumpers and steel wheels with our in-house upgrades like molded rear fenders, a four-point roll cage, and JW Speaker LED headlights. And of course, it’s been lifted 2.5 inches on a completely corrected chassis for a flawless foundation.


The rich look of chrome, Brittany Blue Custom paint, power steps, and white upholstery – it can’t be beat! Our ’73 Bronco is fully revitalized from boots to bikini top including a corrected factory chassis and a glassy-finished Bronco body with molded fenders, with all-new weather seals and windows.


Sinister and sexy with a bad attitude at the core. This Classic Bronco captures the essence of Velocity does with Signature builds. Built from the ground up, it begins with a meticulously corrected and powder coated chassis that’s fitted with new axles, Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes, and badass 34-inch BFG BAJA CHAMPION tires. And from there, it gets even badder.


Here’s where effortless performance intersects with the looks of an icon. This Classic Ford Bronco is fresh out of production at Velocity, built on a smoothed and powder coated factory chassis, then wrapped in a glossy PPG Custom Paint finish. Its classic looks are maintained with new hardware, glass, and weather seals, albeit with upgraded JW Speaker headlights, power retractable side steps, and molded fenders. 


A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll! This ’69 Bronco is the perfect canvas for the Velocity experts to do a few new things, and it turned out fantastic! It begins with a corrected and modified factory chassis, then hours of body prep including mods like cutting the rear fenders and installing flares with exposed hardware. The 2.5” lift adds ground clearance for country driving and rocky trails, and BFG All-Terrain T/As provide grip on their Mickey Thompson wheels.


Feast your eyes on this absolute gem from Velocity. It’s been fully restored and customized by our in- house team, and it’s a showstopper anyone would be proud to own. We’ve started with an original frame that’s been corrected and modified, allowing clearance for the 460-hp Ford Coyote V8 and 4-speed auto OD transmission it’s received, along with Velocity Custom performance exhaust and headers. New Dana 44 front axle, new Ford 9-inch rear axle, and 4-wheel Wilwood disc brakes get this build off to a perfect start.


Completely restored and customized by the experts at Velocity, this ’72 Classic Ford Bronco perfectly pairs a retro look with modern touches. The fully corrected chassis hides new diffs, Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes, and a Velocity Exclusive aluminum fuel tank under the Bronco tub. Our cut and molded rear fenders allow extended suspension travel for 285-series BFG All-Terrain T/As on Mickey Thompson polished wheels. Finished in a classic Sunrise Yellow from Custom PPG Paint, this truck embodies the term ‘retromod’.


6-Point Roll Cage - Coyote Engine

It’s the perfect cruiser for the beach, the backcountry, or a pleasure drive. Brittany Blue is one of our most sought-after Custom PPG Paint colors, and we’re happy to oblige on this ’75 Classic Ford Bronco “Restoration”. The tub’s rear fenders have been cut to allow for the extra suspension travel, framed out by color- matched fender flares over the polished Mickey Thompson wheels. It all rests on a corrected and powder coated original frame and a new Dana 44 front/Ford 9” rear axle finishing off this Vintage “Classic Ford Bronco Restoration”.


Bikini Top - Coyote Engine

A modern classic done to perfection. This Velocity build takes one of the most iconic vehicles of the sixties and makes it even better. Atop a factory frame that’s been corrected and powder coated, we’ve installed a meticulous body finished in PPG Custom Anvil Grey paint with matching fender flares and exposed hardware. It glimmers from every angle with all-new glass and rolling on 17-inch Mickey Thompson wheels, and flashing power steps when you open and shut the doors.


Safari Top - Coyote Engine

Could this be the understated  Classic Bronco customization you’ve been waiting for? Under the deep, mysterious PPG Custom Swatter Blue paint, you’ll discover feature after feature of Velocity custom work. From the corrected and powder-coated frame to the cut rear quarters and exposed-rivet fender flares to the polished Mickey Thompson wheels and JW Speaker LED headlights, this classic Ford Bronco Restoration is finished better than factory. It ties in perfectly with factory-style chrome bumpers and new hardware all around.


Velocity Ranger Edition - Coyote Engine

It’s that classic uncut Classic Bronco look melded with modern performance. Fresh from Restoration, our ’66 Bronco showcases the design elements that made the original Bronco so popular like the exposed hinges and OE-style rear quarters, along with original bumpers, custom 6-point roll cage, and 17-inch steelies in PPG Paint to match the Ranger Stripe kit. This Bronco Restoration is the perfect compliment to an absolutely stunning Anvil Grey Custom PPG Paint finish, all completely done in-house at Velocity Restoration.


Coyote Engine - Brittany Blue

Don’t let the gorgeous Brittany Blue Custom PPG Paint fool you… this ’72 Vintage Bronco built by Velocity Restoration is anything but mild mannered. Sure, the perfectly fitted fender flares and Mickey Thompson wheels add a ton of class but this Classic Ford Bronco is built to take on the world. The suspension lift, Velocity Exclusive front and rear bumpers, and 6-point roll cage tell the true story on this Signature Series Ford Bronco “Restoration”.


Coyote Engine - Vintage Restoration

Over roads, rocks, or sandy beaches, go boldly anywhere you want in our ’68 Early Ford Bronco. Meticulous finishing begins with a fully corrected frame and a smoothed body, cutaway rear wheel arches, and bolt-on flares with exposed fasteners. Along with new glass and weather seals all around, this Vintage Bronco receives a custom hardtop with a headliner and tinted glass, and it’s all coated in a mysteriously dark Swatters Blue Custom PPG Paint to finish out this Bronco Restoration.


Classic Black - Coyote Engine

Dressed to the nines and the features to match. This ’69 Early Ford Bronco makes a statement with deep, rich black Custom PPG Paint and glimmering polished Mickey Thompson wheels and stock bumpers. Velocity kicked it into high gear with JW Speaker LED headlights, new glass and weather seals, and power steps that tuck neatly under the lifted Bronco when the doors are closed.


Coyote Engine - White Upholstery

‘Built Ford Tough’ is a motto that doesn’t quite do this ’66 Classic Bronco justice. Starting with a smoothed and corrected original frame that’s been powder coated, we’ve built this Bronco to tackle the worst you can throw at it. An all-new Dana 44 front diff and Ford 9-inch rear axle ensure the 33-inch BFGs grip the terrain dependably. A 5-speed manual transmission gives you precise control over the Ford Coyote V8’s 460hp. And for the best we have to offer, it’s fitted with our very own Velocity Exclusive serpentine system and Velocity Custom exhaust.


Coyote Engine - Velocity Stripe Kit

The Velocity team has taken another commissioned build from bare and basic to a jaw-dropping powerhouse in this carefully crafted 1975 Classic ford Bronco. Although it’s hard not to become fixated by the PPG Custom paint job accompanied by a custom stripe kit and Method race wheels wrapped in Grabber Tires, the detail inside this build will leave you speechless. The in-house upholstery team at Velocity custom-fit this ride with diamond- stitched distressed leather seats, and custom carpeting with matching floor mats. 


Coyote Engine - King Ranch

Another distinguished Velocity build is this ’66 Early Ford Bronco. The more than 50-year-old chassis and body made for an incredible canvas for our artists to perform their craft, starting with a corrected and powder-coated chassis and deftly painted Custom PPG color on the body. Along with a 4-point roll cage and JW Speaker LED headlights, the 12-inch-wide tread on Mickey Thompson wheels demands a second look as it cruises by. 


Coyote Engine - Vintage Green

Whether you want to overtake traffic or dominate trails, this ’73 Classic Ford Bronco is up for the challenge. Built from the bottom up with the Velocity Exclusive chassis system as the foundation, we’ve equipped it with a new Ford Coyote 5.0L V8 and our Velocity Exclusive serpentine system under the hood for perfect power. Make the Cooper Evolution tires spin with a Dana 44 front/Ford 9-inch rear axle and a renowned Atlas II transfer case. 


Coyote Engine - Half Cab Top

A Classic Bronco Half Cab you won’t see anywhere else. Custom-built for a client, this ’74 Bronco turns heads with its two-tone PPG Custom paint, 3.5-inch lift, and the rumble from its 3-inch dual exhaust. The classic look shines through with original-style chrome bumpers, Mickey Thompson wheels, and the squared-off half cab while it’s been modernized with dual wipers, JW Speaker LED headlights, power retracting side steps, and new glass all around. 


Coyote Engine - Brittany Blue

Form and function intersect perfectly with this ’71 Ford Bronco build by Velocity. The classic Bronco form is on full display with a corrected chassis, hand-smoothed body, and stunning Custom PPG Paint finish. All the stops are included here, from new chrome accents to new glass and seals – even power retracting side steps – and that’s all before opening the doors. Inside, we’ve fitted custom floor mats and installed our high-back front seats with fold-and-tumble rear bench, all custom-wrapped by our expert upholsterers.


Whipple Powered Coyote Engine

Completely custom and built by Velocity. This ‘75 Ford Bronco combines bold green details with some of the most capable features you can put into a Bronco. Packed with one-off custom details, this Bronco surely demands the spotlight with its electric green 2.9L Whipple supercharged Ford 5.0 Coyote engine backed by a Ford-built 6-speed automatic transmission, active tuned exhaust cut-out, and Ididit steering column.

Coyote Engine - Gun Metal Hard Top

Preserving the classic look in a custom build. This commissioned ’77 Classic Ford Bronco perfectly ties the rugged charm of the original with Velocity-exclusive components and craftsmanship. Beginning with a corrected and powder-coated chassis, the body has been smoothed and finished in Brittany Blue PPG Custom paint before receiving new glass, weather seals, and hardware. We’ve installed our Velocity Exclusive bumpers with flush-mount LED lights and a hidden front winch, a custom hardtop with a headliner, as well as JW Speaker LED headlights for a premium look and lighting performance. 

Coyote Engine - Hard Top

This commissioned ’70 Ford Bronco build is one to be seen! Unsurpassed craftsmanship meets cutting-edge tech, all brought to you by the team at Velocity. The Bronco tub has been finished in a classic Blue PPG Custom paint with a custom white hard top. New glass, weather seals, hardware, and the rear quarter panels accentuate the quality you can expect. But where our team has truly gone above and beyond is between the doors. 

Coyote Engine - Brittany Blue

Here’s another classic example of what we do at Velocity. We’ve treated this ’68 Early Ford bronco to a frame-off restoration including Brittany Blue PPG Custom paint job, dressed up by brilliant chrome trim, chrome bumpers, and polished Pacer wheels. You’ll see the care we put into every build with the details like perfectly spaced fender flare fasteners, new glass and seals, and the attention paid to the grille, JW Speaker LED headlights, and 4-point roll cage.

Coyote Engine - Ranger Edition

Fresh off the line, this one of a kind full frame off restoration is available for immediate delivery! Running a Generation III Ford Coyote engine pushing 460hp mated to an automatic overdrive transmission, this 1975 Ford Bronco was handcrafted by the Velocity team to conquer all of your favorite back roads. Experience the modern driveability of her Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes with hydroboost assisted braking, and turn heads while you cruise down the open road in this one of a kind classic.

Coyote Engine - Anvil Grey


Combine a modern powertrain and custom-crafted detail with the appeal of an iconic SUV and you have our Velocity-built ’74 Ford Bronco. It all starts with a flawless frame and body that is finished with a custom Anvil Grey PPG paint job. JW Speaker LED headlights, power steps, Mickey Thompson wheels, and new hardware all perfectly integrate modern function with the classic early Ford Bronco style.


Coyote Engine - Hardtop

One of our clients commissioned this ’72 Classic Ford Bronco build with some of the best options we have to offer. Powered by a 5.0L Coyote V8 crate engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, it has performance that rivals anything in its class. Blacked-out JW Speaker headlights, the painted grille, its black custom-made hardtop with sound-silencing headliner, and black hardware don a sinister look, complemented by black Method racing wheels wrapped in Grabber tires.

Coyote Engine - Vintage Hardtop

A Ford Coyote engine meets an automatic overdrive transmission and a Velocity Exclusive serpentine system in this full frame-off restoration to create a modern drive with the power to back up the looks of this 1974 Bronco. A custom PPG paint job, paired with an entirely custom leather interior including a one of a kind front bench seat sets this build apart from the rest.

Coyote Engine - (6) Point Roll Cage


A client build for the books, this 1973 Ford Bronco has a paint job unparalleled to anything you’ve seen before. We mixed a custom PPG paint color for a die hard Clemson fan, paired it with chrome bumpers, a Ford Coyote engine and a 6 speed 6R80 transmission to create a classic even a Georgia fan would love. A custom cut interior and a Vintage Air climate control unit make for a comfortable drive and a clean aesthetic in this 1973 Early Bronco restomod. 

Commissioned for $104,900

Ford 302 V8 - (6) Point Roll Cage

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful sky-blue paint job, this 1973 Ford Bronco was built to perform! It features a 302 V8 engine and 5-speed transmission with a Dana 20 transfer case. The 6-point rollcage, retractable power steps, and cable twin stick shifters are only some of the luxury add-ons to this truck which also…

Coyote Engine - Classic Hard Top

Velocity has taken this classic Ford Bronco from basic to mind-blowing with yet another commissioned build. Once you’re done being riveted by the spotless PPG Custom paint job and Mickey Thompson wheels, the details begin to jump out at you. The in-house upholstery team at Velocity has custom-fit this ride with Daytona weave carpeting, matching floor mats, wrapped seats with custom-upholstered inserts, and a black headliner making for a classy finish to the interior. This modern classic also features an in-dash Vintage Air A/C.

Coyote Engine - (4) Point Roll Cage

We’ve melded modern mechanics with the vintage appeal of a Classic Ford Bronco for this Velocity build. Its corrected and powder-coated chassis sets the foundation for a Bronco body that’s been hand-smoothed and finished with a Custom PPG paint job. The original look is kept on the exterior with chrome handles, Velocity Exclusive Bumpers, and JW Speaker LED headlights. 

Coyote Engine - Paint Matched Hard Top

Another full frame-off restoration is out of assembly and ready to conquer the concrete jungle. This 1972 Ford Bronco was built with none other than a Ford Coyote 5.0L engine mated to an automatic overdrive transmission to make for the drive of a lifetime. The Velocity team brought this classic to life with a custom PPG paint job, JW Speaker LED headlights, Mickey Thompson polished wheels, and a completely custom handcrafted interior which includes our exclusive high back front seats, rear quarter panels, and rear fold and tumble bench seat.

Coyote Engine - Bikini Top

It might look mild-mannered, but our ’66 Early Ford Bronco is a beast lying in wait. Immaculately metal-corrected for a flawless Brittany Blue PPG Custom paint job and fitted with new glass and weather seals all around, plus diamond-stitched Velocity Exclusive custom-upholstered high-back seats, dash, and door cards, it’s truly the epitome of a modern-classic restoration. 


Coyote Engine - Bikini Top

Custom built from top to bottom, this 1966 Early Ford Bronco was built to conquer any terrain! From its 4 wheel Wilwood disc brakes with hydroboost assisted braking, to its Ford Coyote 5.0 engine, the Velocity team handcrafted this iconic build to drive reliably with ease. 


Coyote Engine - Brittany Blue

Legendary looks combine with outstanding performance and premium finishing in this ’77 Ford Bronco. Our expert craftsmen have fully reconditioned the chassis and body including a brilliant Custom PPG Paint finish and 17-inch Mickey Thompson wheels. The original look shines through with OE-style chrome bumpers and new glass and seals, then jazzed up with JW Speaker LED headlights. 

LED Front Bumper - Coyote Engine

On backroads or busy highways, you’re sure to command attention in this ’72 Classic Ford Bronco built by Velocity. Impeccably finished after a fame-off restoration, it’s been dressed with a rich green PPG Custom paint job, satin black hardware, and black powder coated bead lock Pacer wheels. It received custom touches that stand out, even more than usual, like our custom Velocity front bumper with push bar and a swing-arm tailgate spare tire mount. 


Half Cab - Coyote Engine


One of our more recent half cab restomods, this 1968 Ford Bronco is one for the books. Running none other than a Ford Coyote engine paired with an automatic overdrive transmission, she drives just as good as she looks. The Velocity team polished off this commission build with a new custom PPG paint job, chrome bumpers, and JW Speaker LED headlights to restore the classic look of this modernized build. After the addition of synchronized dual wipers and power retracting steps, this 1968 Ford Bronco was ready to hit the road. 

Commissioned for $344,900

Supercharged Coyote Engine

Allow us to introduce to you the epitome of resto-mods. It began as a blank canvas and a brilliant concept. This 1969 early Ford Bronco has a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 crate engine that’s force-fed by a Whipple 2.9-liter supercharger and a 6-speed 6R80 transmission. And to exhale all that forced air is a custom 3-inch…

Factory Original Restoration

It’s not your typical Bronco restoration, to say the least. Our client wanted their ’95 Bronco restored to better-than-original condition, and Velocity was happy to oblige. Painstaking care was taken to get this 25-year-old build just right, from the OEM-spec 351 cubic-inch V8 to pristine Eddie Bauer badging. The interior received the same attention to detail as our completely custom classic Bronco builds with original seats, carpets, and door panels restored to perfection. The factory wheels have been refinished and mounted on a Dana 44 front axle and 9” Ford rear end.

Commissioned for $249,000

White - Coyote Engine

Another unique Velocity Built Ford Bronco. With its Ford Racing Coyote engine and automatic overdrive transmission, this custom build is the perfect gateway into the world of classic Ford Broncos. Fully equipped with a Dakota Digital instrument cluster, Pioneer Digital Stereo, and Kicker Sound System, this classic 67 has everything and more that you could want in a full frame off restoration.

Commissioned for $235,900

Viper Blue - Coyote Engine

Freshly finished, this commission full frame off 1974 Ford Bronco Restoration is stunning. Fully equipped with a Ford Coyote Racing Motor and Velocity Exclusive Serpentine System, this classic was built to drive as good as it looks! From the PPG custom paint job to the 4 speaker kicker stereo system, this bronco is one of many iconic restomods produced by the Velocity team.

Commissioned for $289,000

Color Matched Hard Top - Coyote Engine

This 1972 Ford Bronco is a frame-off restoration with an immaculate PPG custom paint job, blacked-out accessories, JW Speaker LED headlights, powder-black American Racing wheels and Velocity exclusive bumpers. Experience the thrill of modern performance from a Ford 5.0 Coyote crate engine, upgraded 4×4 system, and hydroboost-assisted Wilwood disc brakes. Classic is the perfect canvas…

Commissioned for $249,000

Ford Blue - Coyote Engine - Light Bar

We’ve put top-quality care and equipment into this classic Ford Bronco. What greets you first is the absolutely stunning Custom PPG Paint in a classic Brittany Blue on a meticulously refinished body. The chassis underneath is powder-coated black, as is the custom hand-built 6-point roll bar with integrated LED lighting. Who wouldn’t love the Ford…

Commissioned for $199,000

Factory Original - Full Coyote Restoration

The Epitome of what it means to modernize a classic. This 1969 Ford Bronco runs on the modern technology of a Ford Coyote 5.0 Racing Engine, but turns heads with its original Patina paint. The custom-cut interior seats and handcrafted 4-point roll cage with LED lighting complete the overall aesthetic of this timeless classic. 

Commissioned for $256,000

(6) Point Roll Cage - Coyote Engine

A 1974 Ford Bronco with the driveability of a brand new car fresh off of the showroom floor, this commission build did not disappoint. A Ford Coyote engine, Velocity Exclusive serpentine system and automatic overdrive transmission couple to create the drive of a lifetime. Polished off with a custom PPG paint job and Velocity exclusive bumpers, this full frame-off restoration was fabricated to turn heads wherever it goes. 

Commissioned for $254,900

Swatters Blue - Coyote Engine Restoration

We’re known for top-quality restorations, and this ’77 Bronco is no exception. The frame has been dressed and powder-coated to start things out right. Since reliability should never be a question, a Dana 44 front axle and Ford 9-inch rear axle get the nod from our production team. A 2.5-inch suspension lift, Wilwood 4-wheel disc…

Commissioned for $239,000

Green Envy - Coyote Engine

We take pride in our commission builds such as this 76 Bronco which was designed by the client from top to bottom.  With its Ford Racing Coyote engine and automatic overdrive transmission, this custom build is an icon on and off the road.  Fully equipped with a Dakota Digital instrument cluster, Pioneer Digital Stereo, and Kicker Sound System, this classic 76 has everything and more that you could want in a full-frame off restoration.

Commissioned for $249,000

Brittany Blue - Coyote Engine

Experience the feel of driving a classic 1971 Ford Bronco while enjoying the reliability of its Ford Coyote 5.0 Crate Engine and its wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes with hydroboost assisted braking.  Turn your Sunday drive up a notch with a resto-mod like this one. Contact us today to start building your dream Bronco. 

Commissioned for $219,000

Velocity Green - Coyote Engine Restoration

This 1972 Classic Ford Bronco Restomod is the epitome of a custom build, completely gutted and restored. You will not find another Bronco on the road like this. From its custom PPG paint job to its Velocity Built 6 point roll cage with LED lighting, every characteristic of this Ford Bronco was handpicked and custom fit by Velocity before final assembly at our shop.

Commissioned for $274,900

Copper Color - Coyote Engine

This 1975 Velocity Built Bronco is anything but subtle. A breathtaking custom PPG paint job and Ford Racing coyote 5.0 engine come together with a Dana 44 front axle and Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes to create the perfect offroad companion. What else can you ask for in a Bronco?

Commissioned for $229,000

Brittany Blue - Coyote Engine Restoration

From the bottom of its Pacer wheels to the top of its hand-built 6-point roll bar, this is an Early Ford Bronco restoration that seamlessly blends classic style with modern features. At first glance, the original appeal from the late sixties commands your attention. Finished in a gorgeous Custom PPG blue and new chrome bumpers,…

Commissioned for $205,000

Uncut Fenders - Full Coyote Engine Build

Modern technology meets classic design. This 1968 classic Ford Bronco is a full frame off restoration, fresh off the line. She’s equipped with a Ford Coyote 5.0 Racing Engine and an overdrive automatic transmission and is sitting on 17” Pacer wheels and BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires. It all starts with a custom chassis and a client’s vision. Drive the Velocity Difference today.

Commissioned for $219,000

Onyx Black - Coyote Engine Restoration

The Velocity team has produced an array of immaculate restomods and this 1972 early Bronco is no exception. Of course we’ve equipped this build with none other than a 5.0L Coyote engine and a Velocity Exclusive serpentine system, performance exhaust, and headers. We polished her off with a custom PPG paint job, chrome accessories, JW Speaker LED Headlights, and a set of Mickey Thompson Polished wheels to bring her classic Bronco back to life. This 72 Bronco is a build the whole family will love.

Commissioned for $196,000

Here at Velocity, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver top-quality results that exceed our client’s expectations. This 1968 Classic Ford Bronco is one of those commission pieces which was precisely tailored to the client’s wants and needs. From his custom PPG blue and white paint job on top of its original body to the reconditioning of his factory seats, we took our client’s visions and surpassed them by delivering the perfect blend of modern and classic. This classic is a survivor amongst the last line of first-generation Broncos to have been made in 68.


When only the best would do, this client commissioned a Velocity build for their impeccable taste. The ’76 Classic Ford Bronco body was repaired and finessed, then finished to perfection with PPG Custom paint before being dressed with new chrome accents. Its classic look has been preserved but make no mistake – it’s a modern marvel. Fitted with power-retractable steps, Dakota Digital gauge cluster, high-back front seats, Pioneer/Kicker sound system, Vintage Air A/C, and a custom 6-point roll cage with frame tie-ins and LED lighting, this Bronco has the creature comforts to satisfy the most discerning driver. 

Commissioned for $254,900

Orange Crush - Coyote Engine Restoration

Few things say adventure like hitting the open road in one of our Classic Ford Broncos. This 1974 frame-off restoration is perfect for cruising the coast, exploring the mountains or just escaping the daily grind.

Every characteristic of this Classic Bronco was handpicked and custom fitted with the following upgrades.

Commissioned for $259,000

Coyote Engine Restoration

Fresh off the line, this recent full frame off restoration of a 1974 Classic Ford Bronco with a Ford Coyote Racing Motor is absolutely beautiful. This Brittany Blue Early Ford Bronco will turn heads.

Commissioned for $209,000

Ford Factory 302 V8 Engine

This 1976 Bronco showcases just a taste of what we do. It’s been completely restored from top to bottom. You’ll find a 302 cubic inch V8 tucked under the hood with a rock-solid C4 automatic tranny spinning a Tom Woods drive shaft. The tub has been built completely from scratch with all new metal. That attention to detail comes through in the pristine paint job, the immaculate leather interior, and the added features like power windows. It’s a custom 1976 Ford Bronco, through and through.

Commissioned $237,000

LED Light Bumper - Coyote Engine

From the bottom of its Pacer wheels to the top of its hand-built 6-point roll cage with LED lighting, this is an Early Ford Bronco restoration that simultaneously blends classic style with modern features. While the original appeal from the late sixties will command your attention, the finished Custom PPG blue paint and Velocity Exclusive bumpers with LED lighting will make it look even better than it did off the showroom floor more than five decades ago!

Commissioned for $199,000

Black on Blue - Coyote Engine Restoration

This one of a kind Brittany Blue classic Ford Bronco is one of many restomods done by the Velocity team. While the black fender flares and matching, blacked-out pacer wheels add a modernized look to this build, she’s more than just a head turner. She features a classic 302 engine with C4 transmission, Dana 44 front axle and Wilwood disc brakes with hydroboost assisted braking which help to create the appeal of modern driveability…

Commissioned for $304,900

Scottsdale Orange - Coyote Engine

From the bold PPG custom orange and white paint job to the 5.0 Coyote crate engine, this 1974 Ford Bronco is a head-turner! The 3.5′ suspension lift, Atlas II transfer case, 4 wheel Wilwood disc brakes with hydroboost, and 6 speed 6R80 transmission provide a strong ride through any condition, no matter how rigorous. The…

Commissioned for $194,500

Another fully custom Velocity restomod. This 1976 half cab is equipped with a 302 V8 engine and a Dana 20 Transfer Case. Check out all of the custom work we put into this build from its PPG paint job to its Velocity Built 4 point roll cage with dome lights.


A Ford Coyote crate engine and 4R70 automatic overdrive transmission meet an atlas transfer case and 5″ Coil Over suspension lift to make a monster out of this 1976 Classic Ford Bronco. Pair her drivetrain with Procar seats, a Dakota Digital gauge cluster, and JW Speaker Headlights for a build that looks as good as she drives.


Whipple Coyote Power Plant

Quality, performance, reliability and modern comforts is just where this Bronco begins. Here at Velocity, we  have developed our Bronco’s to keep up with the demand that enthusiast require today. Our vehicles are safe, reliable and will be a part of your family…


Hunter Edition - Coyote Engine

Built to stand out, this fully custom 1973 Velocity Built Bronco turns heads everywhere it goes. The Coyote 5.0 fuel-injected engine, Automatic Overdrive Transmission, and Velocity Exclusive serpentine, system  will give you the ride of your life while the Dana 44 front axle, Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes with hydroboost, and custom roll cage will keep you safe while conquering any terrain. 


Custom Theme Grill - Coyote Engine

Fresh off the line, this recent full frame off 1974 Ford Bronco Restoration is absolutely beautiful. Fully equipped with a Ford Coyote Racing Motor and Velocity Exclusive Serpentine System, this classic was built to perform! 

This 1975 Early Ford Bronco is a beast, and loud in more ways than one, this custom 1975 Early Ford Bronco packs a punch both visually and technically. With a Coyote 5.0 2017 Crate engine and a Whipple 2.9 Supercharger, this Classic is a Monster yearning for the open road. Accompanied with a 4-speed 4R70W Transmission, this beast easily hits 500 Rear-Wheel Horsepower! Sitting on 33” tires, Velocity added custom Power Steps more ease of access. 

commissioned price upon request

Half Cab - Coyote Engine Restoration

1967 Early Ford Bronco Half Cab And you thought YOUR truck was cool… You won’t find another Half-Cab Bronco like this anywhere in the world. As if a half-cab wasn’t rare enough, Velocity has customized this 1967 Ford Bronco with the finest fixin’s. Because a 302 might not be enough for everyone, a 2016…

This 1972 Classic Ford Bronco with a 302 V8 Engine is one of the many classic restorations we take pride in here at Velocity. With its metallic two-toned paint and chrome accessories, this build is one of a kind. We can say with great pride, that all of our restorations, much like this classic, are done 100% in our shop.

View Our Past Restorations

View Our Past Restorations

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